What is Killing Republicans and Ushering in Communism?


Some Republicans are losing votes because of the abortion debate.

One of my few talents in life is I know how the working-class people in the Midwest think, as I am one of them. I also know how your typical New York City leftist thinks, as I used to be one of those as well. More accurately, I know how a New York City liberal thinks, as I was never a leftist. Those toilet-dwellers are repugnant commies and they are using abortion to take over the nation.

The Leftists are as passionate about abortion as the conservatives are about our Second Amendment rights.

I would say that the typical midwesterner from a working-class background is at least somewhat pro-choice. According to a recent Gallup survey (if you trust Gallup or any other poll), 52% of Americans support abortion, and 44% support life. Pew Research says 62% of Americans are pro-choice.

I believe Roe V. Wade is safe, until “abortion until the last moment in utero” ghouls demand the “right” of aborting a child a minute before birth.

Pro-choice rhetoric has a strong presence. The pro-choice rhetoric is strong. The old slogan “us against those vile Republicans,” is working better than ever now that Roe V. Wade has been pushed to the states.

Pew Research conducted a study in 2018 that showed 79% of Black Americans consider themselves Christians. This is higher than any other ethnicity.

I’ve had a ton of angry leftists spit-arguing at me that Republicans don’t care about a child once he or she is born. When this happens, I challenge the dolts to a contest. I ask them to Google Democrat adoption agencies while I search for Catholic adoption agencies. Thus far I am undefeated.

In typical Republican fashion, the Republicans missed a great opportunity to win an abortion battle. Instead of attacking Democrats for their “abortion until birth” hysteria, and pointing out the Mephistophelian decision of a last-minute termination, which I know every pro-choice person personally is against, the Republicans celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to send the abortion issue back to the states.

The leftists who had long claimed that “forced-births” were the main reason for the evil elephants’ behavior, won the election. They even went as far as suggesting gay marriages and interracial relationships are now fair game to conservatives. It doesn’t matter that both black SCOTUS Justices are married white people. Liberals were enraged when they feared they could lose abortion access. But, more importantly, they feared their daughters in college might not be able to get an abortion following a night of drinking at a frat party. Nobody wants to have an unwanted child. All of this happened conveniently just before the midterm elections in 2022 when the “red wave” that was expected crashed and burned at the Florida-Georgia border.

Both candidates for governor in 2022 in Michigan, Tudor Dixon, and Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano — two very important swing states – campaigned with a message of “no abortion at any time” and were slaughtered by voters on election day. It’s clear that people do not want to spend 18 years caring for a child they don’t like, or their daughter. Add to that the few abortions performed in cases of rape or incest and it’s easy to see why the Republicans are running candidates who oppose abortion for any and all reasons.

In other words, Republicans live up to the words said by the late Charles Krauthammer: “Republicans believe Democrats are idiots and Democrats believe Republicans are evil.” I can assure you that they do.

Amazingly, many leftists believe that abortion is illegal throughout the United States. This is not true. Some states restrict abortion. However, the majority allow it. Leftists often do not know the facts.

Conservatives tend to be more religious and therefore believe that abortion is a sin. They consider themselves the voiceless children of God who are yet to be born. Many Christians will not want to confess before God that they gave in on abortions for votes. Leftists are aware of this and use it against Republicans during elections.

It’s not our fault.

The Maoists looking to enslave us know that abortion up until the fourth grade is heinous and pretend they aren’t down with that clown, though this video below proves otherwise:

If Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians continue to be all or nothing pro-life, they will have to get used to warming up Cricket Helper in an electric range while they welcome Third-World “asylum-seekers” into their spare rooms. The commies are going win easily in 2024 and some people think that this could be the last election.

It’s simple: We let them have abortions on unwanted pregnancies, and they let us retain our guns. Leftists teach their children to hate us if they’re forced to raise children they don’t want. We owe it to our children to give them the same liberties that we have enjoyed, if not even more. Many of their children will “identify” themselves as LGBTLMAO, and may not reproduce.

In just a few generations, we could be free of liberals!

In states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan, candidates who support the Second Amendment and believe that abortion should be “safe and legal” can win.

Leftists will continue pushing for abortion until the child has teethed. Stop pushing the “no abortion at all” line and use it against them.

What do I really know? I am from the blue-collar working class who understands what Democrats think.