Border Patrol Agents Overwhelmed: 7,000 Migrants Cross Border Daily


The Biden Administration is eager to hide that 7,000 illegal aliens are reported to enter the U.S. each day. On August 29, the Border Patrol Union, which is not a federal organization, posted a message on X (formerly Twitter):

The Biden Administration is going to try and divert your attention, telling you they will “save” $39 in energy costs by buying a ceiling fan. But it’ll be more expensive to buy and make.

There will be around 7,000 more illegal aliens crashing the border today and every day.

One commentator said: “Our BorderPatrol does a fantastic work.” They have been called away from their duty far too many times. ” Illegals are flooding the area as they are pulled away from their sector. How many terrorists have entered our country since Joe arrived on the scene? Thousands!”

Border Patrol arrested 12,028 illegal criminals in Fiscal Year 2022. The criminals keep coming. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), according to its latest statistics (updated on August 16), has apprehended 10,810 criminals in FY2023. The Border Patrol Union warns terrorists could be sneaking into the U.S.

Since 2011, illegal immigrants in Texas have committed over 430,000 criminal offenses.

CBP data indicates that illegal criminal arrests have decreased under Trump. In FY2017, the number of illegal criminals in the U.S. increased from over 8,000 to 6,698, 4,269 in FY2019, 2,438 by FY2020, and 10,763 in FY2021. This number increased under Joe Biden’s administration, which deliberately relaxed efforts to apprehend those who were in the country illegally. The increase in arrests cannot be attributed to an increased effort by law enforcement.

The Biden Administration and the Democrat Party always put American Citizens at the bottom of their priority list. For example, federal officials were reportedly in luxury hotels on Maui while victims of the Lahaina Fires didn’t receive enough assistance and the Hungarian government sent temporary shelters.

The illegal floods are affecting even Democrat sanctuary cities like New York City. Ordinary Americans, taxpayers, and citizens are the most affected. Because of criminal migrants, we are draining resources and putting safety at risk.

Biden’s Border Policy is America Last. Criminals and terrorists are exploiting it.