What Is Going On With Arizona’s Gubernatorial Race?


While Democrats now control the Senate, it’s still possible for the GOP to win a small majority of the House. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) was officially declared the winner of his race. He had trailed slightly earlier in this week’s election.

There is no winner in A close race that remains between Republican Kari Lake and Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for the gubernatorial seat.

Kari Lake’s campaign said last week that they believed that all remaining ballots would be heavily Republican and that she would be declared the winner. Caroline Wren was Lake’s senior advisor. Wren stated that Hobbs does not have a mathematical way to win.

Despite vote drops favoring Lake over the years, there is consensus that they haven’t come in with enough margins to defeat Hobbs.

Katie Hobbs is confident she will be named the winner.

Are there enough GOP-leaning voters to support Lake’s victory over Hobbs? This is highly concerning.

The Arizona Republican Party officially accused Maricopa County of voter suppression after it was found that “Republican voters were disproportionally excluded” by ballot machine problems in Maricopa County.

Other questions are raised about the Election Day turnout and how it compares with the actual vote count.

Chuck Callesto is a political strategist who wonders why, despite a 17% turnout of Democrats in Arizona on Election Day, Democrat candidates in Arizona were still winning more than half the Election Day totals.

I feel the race is not over even if a winner has been declared. There will be questions about Hobbs’ conduct as Secretary of State during and after the election, and whether or not she was biased in her decision.

Social media is filled with discouragement for Republicans who believe the theft is in order to rob Lake of a victory. No matter what happens, many will lose faith and trust in the electoral process.