What Did Boston Radio Host Howie Carr Report About Mayor Wu’s No-Whites Holiday Party?


Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced that only “electeds of color” would be invited to her holiday party. The invitation was sent out to all city council members – even those with low melanin levels.


Remember when segregating people by race was considered racism?

The mayor’s office in Boston is trying to bring back racial discrimination by hosting a holiday party exclusively for “electeds from color.” The email invitation sent by the office of Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu to the city council members to attend the holiday party scheduled for Wednesday included white council members as well.

Wu was rightfully criticized for her tone-deaf decision, but she insisted that the celebration be held without any of these scumbags. Howie Carr, a conservative columnist, and Boston radio host, grabbed the Daily Mail U.K. exclusive pictures. According to his commentary on Wu’s party, she hosted a fascinating cast of characters. Carr, in his trademark style, dubbed the event “Wu Klux Klan Party”, which was a perfect fit.

Carr’s connections are interesting, as is the fact that he spilled some tea along with his pictures.

The answer to the most important question regarding Mayor Michelle Wu’s Christmas party, which was held at Parkman House on Wednesday night and had no whites allowed in attendance, is clear:

What if it had been the other way around – what if, after explicitly disinviting the non-white City Council members, a mayor of color had hosted a party for whites only in a city-owned building?

The answer is obvious. The end of the World would have been a major national story, lasting for weeks if not days. There would have been violence and looting the night before the party. Or, should I say more violence and looting than usual?

Right? How do we know? We know this because certain local chapters of Moms for Liberty have decided to join the National Justice Party in an “Operation White Christmas’ drive. NJP organizes a toy campaign to help white families who are in need because many charitable organizations give priority to families with lower incomes. There’s no racism involved in this.

Carr continued:

If it had been a Republican white mayor who hosted it, then every Republican politician in the country down to the candidate running for the position of tree warden in Athol was asked to denounce the event.

We were told that it was a Wu Klux Klan meeting and there was nothing to see. An “honest” mistake. The email was sent by her dim-bulb coat holder who apologized for any confusion.

White people thought that they had equal rights in public places, and this was a mistake.

What’s the point? The majority of state-run news outlets left it alone.

Michelle Wu was merely trying to bring the “party” into apartheid.

Carr pointed out guests who did not want their photos taken for good reasons.

I thought that this Negro Spiritual was only for “electeds of Color”? How is the spouse of a U.S. Congressperson included in this mix? Conan Harris seems to be doing his best Giselle. Along with Sheriff Steve Tompkins and the rest of his crew, they also displayed some ethical violations.

This group is not only colorful (pun intended), but also a sad example of local government with a left-leaning. Los Angeles City Council. The fact that Mayor Wu’s soiree was held under the cover of night is just as problematic as the Los Angeles City Council scandal that was revealed in 2022. If the Mayor’s secretary had not invited everyone, nobody would have known. In the darkness, democracy may not thrive, but racism does.