Matthew Perry’s Cause of Death ‘Acute Effects of Ketamine’


Authorities in Los Angeles have released more information on the death of Matthew Perry. The “Friends” star died in October. We reported that his assistant discovered him unresponsive in a jacuzzi in his home. TMZ first reported the news. It was his assistant who contacted the authorities.

More details have been revealed about Matthew Perry’s death. He died at home, after a morning’s physical activity.

Matthew returned to his home the next morning after playing pickleball for two hours. His assistant was sent on an errand shortly after. Two hours later, when the assistant returned from his errand, he found Matthew unconscious.

The LA Times has published a report with more information about the police’s response.

According to sources in the law enforcement community, Mathew Perry, star of “Friends”, died on Saturday morning after being discovered dead in his hot tub at home.

The Times has not received a response from Perry’s representative.

Los Angeles Police Department robbery-and-homicide detectives are investigating the death. Los Angeles County coroner will determine the cause of death in the future.

Los Angeles County Medical Examiner published this report. According to the autopsy report of Friday, Perry died from “acute effects ketamine”, along with three other “contributing” factors.

Matthew Perry died from the acute effects of ketamine, according to the autopsy report released Friday by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.[…]

An accident was determined as the cause of death.

The report explained the existence of legal ketamine, which is sometimes prescribed to treat depression.

According to an autopsy report on Perry, he received ketamine injections. The last one was administered 1 1/2 weeks before his death.

According to the autopsy report, he was probably unconscious when he entered the water and had high levels of ketamine.

According to his report, he received ketamine as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Medical examiners state that the ketamine in his body when he died could not have been from the infusion therapy. Ketamine has a half-life of three to four hours.

Jennifer Aniston revealed in her first interview after Perry’s passing on Dec. 11, that Perry was doing well. She spoke with him just the day before his death.

He was happy. Reese Witherspoon held Aniston as she wiped her tears.

She continued to say:

I would like to let the world know that he’s doing well and is getting better. He had a great adventure. I miss him so much, as we all do.

Us, too, Jennifer. Matthew, rest in peace.