WH Tries to Use Outrageous Claim About Social Security to Sway Election


The Biden Administration has made all sorts of moves prior to the election, but not necessarily because they are in the best interests of Americans. They tried to bribe their base by offering student loan debt bailouts. It didn’t work as it angered all those who believed it illegal and unfair to everyone. It has attracted more people to the Republicans.

As I reported, the Biden administration also asked the Saudis for OPEC+ production cuts to delay the election. That was confirmed by the Saudis. Biden’s team also got involved in the union rail strike issue and asked them to allow a “cooling-off period” so that if there were strikes, they wouldn’t occur until after the election.

There may be another attempt underway, with the White House spinning about an 8.7 percent increase in Social Security benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, this cost-of-living adjustment is the largest in over 40 years. This means that the average recipient will get more than $140 per month starting in January.

Although Social Security beneficiaries were happy to see the increase in their benefits, many felt it was not enough to offset the inflation impact.

It’s “not much help”, said Shirley Parker, 85, who lives in Chatham, Chicago’s South Side.

Her budget is being severely cut by high home maintenance costs and high grocery price tags. Food is absurd. She said, “Food is ridiculous.”

This is the biggest increase in a decade.

Jean-Pierre stated that this means seniors can get ahead of inflation because of the rare combination of rising benefits and falling premiums. “We will give them more money and give them a little more breathing room.”

There is no question that Social Security beneficiaries could benefit from an increase in their benefits. Inflation has made it difficult to live for those on a fixed income.

The White House wants credit for an increase in Social Security’s cost of living. Karine Jean-Pierre claims that “We will put more cash in their pockets” when they are responsible for the inflation that takes hundreds of dollars from Americans’ pockets every month. They are the reason that a cost-of-living increase is necessary. We previously reported that the average American has been paying $4,200 more annually for the Biden team. This “increase” won’t make up for all the other increases and how badly they have hurt Americans. The cost of living will completely absorb the “cost of living adjustment”.

We reported that the inflation numbers this morning were worse than expected.

Because of the mistakes made by the Biden team, people can’t retire when they want. According to a new survey, 25% of Americans expect to delay retirement because of rising consumer prices. Thanks, Joe Biden.

What is Joe Biden’s reaction? Complete delusion. He denies that we are in a recession because it might hurt him or the Democrats.

We have a problem when we have someone who lies all the time and can’t accept reality. This is why the White House cannot claim credit for increasing Social Security. This is just like Biden emptying his Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Where is the money coming from when Social Security has to be adjusted for inflation by Biden? What about the vast sums of money we don’t have

Biden’s team keeps digging deeper and making things worse.