Ronchetti Just Levels Lujan Grisham in New Mexico Debate


We’ve seen Democrats try to avoid debate this election season. Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s governor-elect, will make a bunch of ridiculous excuses. She’ll claim that her schedule is so arranged that she can’t do it. She will then say that she was focusing on her race.

It was easy to see why Democrats are skipping debates. Vance’s “failure to achieve” was perhaps the most memorable line in the debate.

But, I have to say that the Republican bomb dropped on Democrats in New Mexico’s gubernatorial elections is something you may not have seen before.

Republican Mark Ronchetti overthrew the Democratic Governor. Michelle Lujan Grisham made poor policy choices. Then he dropped the hammer.

Ronchetti said, “You grabbed the waist of a male employee — a gay man — and then you paid him $150,000.” You made him stop talking about it.” Ronchetti said that she had the gall to not only victimize James Hallinan but also to revictimize her and paint herself as the victim. Ronchetti declared, “You are a hypocrite Governor.”

Ouch. It’s going to be hard for her campaign to get around that. Her response was, “You have spent your entire campaign attacking my character and my integrity.” Ya think? Maybe this is one reason why?

Ronchetti also offers an ad.

A few days before, the media covered the story. Lujan Grisham was asked questions by a journalist about Ronchetti’s comments.

Democrats don’t have to be ashamed of Lujan-Grisham’s candidacy.