Waukesha Shows Just How Out Of Touch Democrats Are With Americans


President Biden is now doubling down on his support for bail reform, which allowed Darrell Brooks to roam freely after hitting his girlfriend in her car.

Brooks drove the same car for several weeks to hit dozens of more people and kill six in Waukesha a few weeks later. Biden believes that there is nothing wrong with the policy to end or reduce cash bail, even though six people were killed. This included an eight-year-old boy.

It was reported by a White House official that ending cash bail would not result in people being charged with crimes on the streets. They said it simply means that bail should be granted based on your threat to the public and not how much money is in your bank account.

The official stated that wealthy Americans shouldn’t have their own criminal justice system.

Brooks was released on bail by Milwaukee County prosecutors. He was a victim of domestic violence in the past and a glance at his social media feeds would have revealed how dangerous he was to the community. The political implications for Dems on this issue are astonishingly tone-deaf.

Citizens have responded to the ballot box and voters rejected a proposal to abolish the police force. After losing the Demo primary to a self-proclaimed socialist, Byron Brown was elected as a write-in candidate. Two GOP candidates for New York’s Long Island were defeated by Dems in races that were about state bail changes and allowed repeat offenders to go free.

Left-wing Dems are having difficulty adapting, with the Milwaukee County District Attorney acknowledging that Darrell Brooks was released on “inappropriately high” bail. He promised an internal review and boasted that his office had reduced the number of prosecutions, incarcerations, and cash bails.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sent a harsh letter to the New York prosecutors within 48 hours of the vehicular attack by Darrell Brooks and demanded a significant reduction in cash bail due to Rikers Island’s overcrowding.

The White House’s glib claim that violent criminals who committed the Waukesha massacre will be held behind bars is a clear sign of the complete disconnect between the Dem Party and the White House.

Fellow Squad member AOC was recently complaining about Waukesha’s unnecessary detention. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, another Squad member, also sat down to defend her support for the 2020 Breathe Act. This would eliminate life sentences and prohibit police use Tasers. It would also completely empty federal prisons in 10 years. President Biden did not support the abolishment of prisons.

According to data from the October survey, 22% of voters trust GOP members more than Dems in handling crime. Only 19% of independents support Biden and 23% would vote for Mr. Evers. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who is the GOP’s most vulnerable incumbent, has not yet decided if he will run but the decision is made easier with the Dems in charge.