Warrant Issued for Democratic State Rep: Is Mental Illness to Blame for His Actions?


This is a serious matter. Kevin Boyle is a Democrat State Representative in Pennsylvania who has an arrest warrant issued for him. His family says that he suffers from mental issues. It is unfortunate, and we all hope Boyle is found soon and that no harm will be done to him or anyone else. This unfolding incident does raise two important questions. The first is how anyone could tell that a Democrat political figure was mentally ill. Are there no more standards for elected officials?

CBS Philadelphia reported on Wednesday that Boyle’s arrest warrant is for “a breach of a protection against abuse order.” This is more than a simple text. Boyle was arrested in 2021 and charged with harassment and violating the protection order filed by the estranged spouse. After this, Boyle told constituents in a 2022 letter that treatment in a mental facility saved his life.

CBS reports that “two months ago Boyle became a social media sensation after he appeared on camera allegedly threatening the staff at Gaul & Co. Malt House in Rockledge (Montgomery County) on Huntingdon Pike. Police reported that Boyle had been drinking and possibly under the influence of drugs when the incident occurred. He was asked to leave by the staff several times but refused. The owners of Gaul & Co. Malt House barred Boyle from its premises.

Boyle’s older brother, Brendan Boyle is a U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania. Kevin Boyle has been a nightmare for his family, according to Boyle. Brendan Boyle stated that, like any family with a loved one who is struggling with serious health issues, they are trying to do everything possible to help Kevin get better.

Brendan Boyle continued his statement: “Tragically several months ago, his symptoms returned. His mental health has deteriorated even more in recent weeks. It was painful to see an accomplished, intelligent person with a huge heart fall so quickly. Kevin’s family and close friends as well as several colleagues tried everything to help him enter treatment. But we were frustrated by the system, which gives very little power to the loved ones of adults with serious mental illnesses.”

It is indeed sad and painful. It raises the question, why is Kevin Boyle still in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives? He is currently running for reelection. He is serving his seventh term in the Pennsylvania State House as a representative of District 172. Why not? There are no more standards for elected officials. If Old Joe Biden could run for reelection despite the mounting evidence that he was suffering from cognitive impairment and Dianne Feinstein served as Senator despite many signs that she didn’t know what was happening, then there is no reason to expect any different. Kevin Boyle’s state of mind might not have caused him to resign. But why hasn’t the House Democratic Party made any effort to replace him?

It’s obvious, as CBS reports: “Democrats control the Pennsylvania House, but with a narrow majority, and the Pennsylvania Primary is on April 23.” Republicans “hope to flip Boyle’s seat in House during the general election.” Democrats “say that it’s Boyle’s right to vote by designating, which means another lawmaker votes for him.”

These are Democrats. Anyone who believes that men can become women and that countries don’t require secure borders is insane. To say nothing of someone who believes that Old Joe Biden, a competent president, deserves to be fed at the public trough, for another four years is also insane. It doesn’t matter if someone else votes for Kevin Boyle.

Kevin Boyle’s sad story is a further indication of the degeneration of the American political system. In the past, a mentally incompetent candidate would have been removed as a matter of course from office and the ballot even if it meant that his party suffered. Come on man! We have a candidate who is mentally incompetent sitting in the Oval Office and, if the cheating pays off, will be cruising to reelection. You need to get with the times.