Vivek Ramaswamy Blasts CNN Debate as “Insider Club”


Vivek Ramaswamy the presidential candidate will host his town hall in Iowa next week, at the same time that CNN hosts a Republican Primary Debate.

Ramaswamy stated that “outsiders will speak directly to the people, while insiders of the establishment would be appearing on CNN’s platform”.

CNN said that the candidates had to receive 10% or higher in three separate national or Iowa surveys of Republican primary or caucusgoers or voters that met CNN standards for reporting. According to CNN, one of the polls must be an “approved CNN survey” of Iowa Republican Caucusgoers.

CNN had reported that Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley qualified. Trump would be at a Fox News Town Hall that evening and not attend the CNN event. Haley and DeSantis are the only candidates left on stage.

According to the Ramaswamy Campaign, “Ratings Wasteland CNN”, not only has ensured that the presidential debate will be the most boring in recent history with two career politicians repeating talking points approved by consultants, but it has also revealed itself as being actively involved in an egregious interference with the Iowa GOP Caucus.

According to the campaign, CNN “disgracefully cut short” a town hall event featuring Ramaswamy last month.

CNN Insiders have pushed back, insisting that Ramaswamy’s campaign uploaded the entire town hall and any legal threats were a result.

Ramaswamy’s December CNN town hall lasted for the entire hour. Anyone cannot upload cable television to YouTube. This includes the Oscars, Game of Thrones, and CNN.

Tim Pool will host in his studio a town hall to counter CNN’s discussion.

Ramaswamy vented his frustrations on Twitter against CNN on Tuesday.

CNN declined to comment

Ramaswamy, a CNN host, and Abby Phillip, an Iowa Town Hall organizer, sparred at the Iowa Town Hall in December after Abby Phillip attempted to question Ramaswamy about his explosive comments during his debate. In particular, his claim that it was an inside job on January 6,

Ramaswamy made fun of Phillips’ interruptions by saying that “the establishment doesn’t like” the message. He said that federal agents were in the crowd on Jan. 6 and that the government lied systemically.

“I know it’s very uncomfortable for you. I know this is an uncomfortable issue for many people, but we have to tell the truth here,” Ramaswamy told the CNN anchor.

Ramaswamy’s comments were applauded by the GOP-friendly crowd as Phillip sparred against the White House candidate.