Virginia Democrat Wants to Criminalize Parents Who Don’t Affirm Their Child’s Gender


Virginia’s Democratic delegate intends to introduce a bill that would criminally charge parents who treat their children differently on the gender of their birth.

Elizabeth Guzman, a social worker believes that transgender and gay children need “protection” from their parents and guardians. Her bill would allow parents not to recognize their child’s “new gender identity,” and expand the definitions of child neglect and abuse.

Guzman told 7News that if the child talks about their experiences with the mandated journalists, there will be a discussion on mental and physical abuse. Guzman explained to 7News that the mandated reporter’s job it is to inform Child Protective Services. After that, we will have to conduct another investigation.



This is in response to Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia governor’s recent policy initiatives which empower parents to decide whether their children are changing genders at school. Youngkin also spoke at a “parents Matter” rally at the school’s beginning. He stated that parents do not have the right of seeing what their child is discussing with their counselor or teacher.

But, comrade! Is this not a law that criminalizes parental consent?

It is not criminalizing parents, comrade. Instead, it’s “educating them.”

Guzman said it was educating parents, as the law dictates. Guzman responded that she was not able to decide if such an approach violated religious freedom and free speech.

Parents don’t need to go to jail. Just a short visit to a camp can expose parents to their mistakes and help them to stop trying to force reality onto their children.

Ms. Guzman is an advocate for religious liberty with an interesting perspective.

Guzman was asked: “There might be some people of other religions, either the Muslim faith or the Catholic faith, who don’t believe in affirmation of LGBTQ issues when it comes to their children,” Guzman replied.

Guzman said, “I have been asked this question knocking on doors.” “The Bible tells all people to accept everyone as they are. This is what I was asked when they were asking me that question. That’s what I will continue to tell people. Each of us has a responsibility towards God. Believers know that God will have a conversation with them. This is what we want. To follow the Bible.

This is a very selective reading of the bible. This is not the kind of thing you’d expect when someone asks a question about religion, then uses Google to search for quotes from the Bible to support a faculty position.

With a Republican majority in Virginia’s legislature, Ms. Guzman’s bill will not be moving. When the most powerful power, Child Protective Services is used by police to investigate, arrest and prosecute parents who choose to raise their children the way they want.

They really consider Republicans “anti-democratic”. What is wrong with the world we live in?