Vegan Activists Encase Their Feet in Concrete to Protest Starbucks’ Almond Milk Upcharge


Vegans can be edgy, rude, or just plain mean.

Sometimes it ends in disaster. They are looking for the spectacle. The “look-at-me” moment is more important than stopping Joe Average from eating a double pepperoni pie. They aren’t changing hearts or minds.

There is little chance of anyone changing their mind about a silly slogan or interfering in businesses to make them eat kale instead of their meatball sub. I don’t know if you have, but I never thought of eating only fruits, vegetables, and nuts for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. It inspires me to see vegans eat less meat than they do. For my next meal, I ensure that I always have a juicy steak or burger. Yes, I will add a slice of tomato to my burger and some vegetables with my steak. Nah

Bellowing: “Animals want life.” Animals feel pain and it’s not food. I don’t care if violence is used to prevent me from consuming delicious meat. It’s not about changing minds, as I stated. It’s all about the spectacle. Vegans, like children, want their vegetables raw and their attention rawer.

A group of Nashville vegan activists decided on Saturday that the Starbucks almond milk upcharge was illegal. Oat/almond milk is more expensive than milk from a cow. Vegans are mad-super angry and won’t take it anymore.

A group of them decided to cover themselves in concrete to make it easier to get to Starbucks. The visual is just as absurd as it sounds. As roadblocks, the grass-eaters placed themselves in front entrances. It probably stopped coffee drinkers from getting their caffeine fix. To secure the crime scene, eight police cars were required.

I don’t get it. You can either pick them up using forklifts and drop them in a pond or push them around like an urban cow-tip. This is the irony.

It is also possible that these Nashville vegans don’t know anything about wet cement chemistry. I fear they all forgot to consider the elements that make concrete blocks before they became blocks. Portland cement and lime kind of hurt.

Perhaps they are all crying in their mom’s basement now. It may have started as an itching sensation that turned into “make it stop!” pain while they begged cops to remove them from their cement overshoes.

Does it really mean to wish that the final result would be, at minimum, citations, and feet that look like… hamburgers? The irony!