Brian Stelter’s Final Delusional Rant Shows Why He Got Booted from CNN


Sunday marked the end of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program. Brian Stelter was also absent.

Stelter was fired following the final episode, which clearly showed why the show had been canceled. As he tried to justify himself, his tears were sweet.

Curtis Houck from NewsBusters took the bullet for all of us and plunged into mud.

“We are just five minutes into the last reliable sources, and the arrogance that conservatives believe “the truth is not neutral” is flowing with Stelter and Carl Bernstein has already flowed. ”

“Second Segment of Brian Stelter’s last show — The danger to journalists and how hazardous it can be to work in America due to far-right. Houck said that reporting in America is the same as reporting in China, Myanmar, North Korea, or Russia. ”

Criticizing and mocking poor CNN hosts are not dangerous.

Stelter wants the illusion that he’s a magical knight fighting for democracy in America against Donald Trump.

CNN’s Brian Stelter denied outside criticism of journalism that had spread across the globe. Houck stated that he was proud to have worked for a network that allowed them to attack and defeat Trump.

It is wrong to criticize journalism. But that’s what Stelter’s show was supposed to be about. It turned into an ongoing attack against Trump and Fox News. Carl Bernstein then returned to the story about democracy being threatened with authoritarianism (translation: Trump).

We noticed that CNN is still trying and trying to right the ship.

He gave his final sign-off, a complete delusion about the media role he played over the past years.

Stelter said that it is not partisan for us to support democracy, dignity, and dialogue.

He concluded that a free world needs a “reliable source”. His partisanship is so strong that he might be wondering why he was fired.

The perfect ending was achieved when the lights went out at Stelter.

They got rid of some garbage and cleaned up the place.