Vanity Fair Writer Plays the Victim After Smearing RFK Jr.


Take a look at the dirty media industry from a microcosmic perspective.

Joe Hagan, a hack for Vanity Fair, published yesterday a smear campaign against Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Democrat Party presidential candidate 2024 (for now; he may go rogue).

Without subjecting you, dear reader, to too much of the bilge, here’s an excerpt to get the flavor of the piece via Vanity Fair, titled “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (emphasis added):

On a mid-August overcast day I was riding on a ferry with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the son of Bobby Kennedy and the nephew of John Kennedy the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. I’m trapped between Kennedy and a window that looks out to the Atlantic Ocean.

A couple of weeks before, Kennedy had responded to an interview request by calling and expressing exasperation at various hatchet jobs in mainstream media and skepticism that a correspondent for Vanity Fair, a card-carrying member of the legacy media, might be fair to him. “Your editor won’t let you write anything positive,” he promised.

RFK had a right to doubt Vanity Fair’s ability to treat him fairly.

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Kennedy thinks that the “legacy media” is corrupt and that they are loyal to the Democratic Party. “There is self-censorship happening “…

As he continues to be questioned, his tension grows. The arms are crossed tightly across his chest. He hasn’t smiled or chuckled since we started speaking. It has been a while since he has laughed or smirked.

“I wouldn’t answer that question,” he replies. “I think the Ukraine war is an existential war for us, and we are walking along the edge of a completely unnecessary war.”

You are giving me a hypothetical situation. It depends on what they think about the issue.

The first issue he mentions, Ukraine, is one that aligns him with Trump’s pro-Putin position. “Well, maybe,” he says, pointing out that he’s also critical of Trump’s COVID policies from 2020. “Trump engineered a $16 trillion useless expenditure with the COVID lockdowns,” he says.

This article is basically a list of accusations against Hagan, including being a conspiracy theorist and “anti-science”. Once again, this is what you’d expect from someone of Hagan’s caliber.

Hagan appeared on MSNBC and explained that, following his vicious attack disguised as objective journalism, he was “bullied” by the man whom he shadowed for a day in order to produce a hit piece on him for corporate state media.

I am reminded of the scene from the 1989 Batman movie, in which the Joker mocks Batman by saying, “You wouldn’t hit a guy wearing spectacles.” The joke is that a person with the right demeanor can get away if they are aggressive. If the victim pushes back at him, it is bullying.

During the 2016 Presidential election, I felt that Trump went a bit overboard when he described the media repeatedly as the enemy of the American people and made similar unsavory comments.

He was correct in criticizing the corporate state media. He was right to denounce the corporate state media.