Used Facebook in the Last 16 Years? You’re Likely Due a Part of This $725 Million Settlement


Lots of people use Facebook on a daily basis. The number is larger than you probably think. It’s estimated that over 200 million people have a Facebook account in America alone! That’s just for 2022.  Interestingly, a settlement is available for certain people that have used Facebook at any point in the past 16 years. The settlement is worth $725 million and comes from privacy violations of the company. Do you know how much you could get? If not, hopefully, this article can shed some light and provide much-needed answers.

Facebook Settlement Overview

Meta, which is the parent company of Facebook, is involved in a settlement worth $725 million related to privacy violations. Users with an active Facebook account within a specific timeframe can file a monetary claim as part of this settlement. This timeframe ​​is between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022.

The legal action against Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) was brought forth due to a specific accusation. This accusation is that they infringed on user privacy. The plaintiffs claimed that Meta collected and shared data from Facebook users. As a result, Meta decided to settle these claims out-of-court instead of going through lengthy legal proceedings.

Key Details About the $725 Million Settlement

  • Total Amount: The settlement amount is $725 million. This amount will be distributed among eligible claimants after taking out any legal fees and other expenses.
  • User Eligibility: To qualify for compensation under this agreement, you must have been residing in the U.S. with an activated Facebook account during the specific dates mentioned above.
  • Filing Deadline: You need to submit your monetary claim before the August 25th, 2023 deadline if you wish to receive any payment from this settlement.
  • Receiving Funds: The funds will be handed out as soon as possible. This would be after receiving final approval from the court and resolving any appeals.

This Facebook settlement is one of the largest privacy-related payouts in history and serves as a reminder for companies like Meta to prioritize user privacy and comply with relevant laws.

Eligibility for Claiming Settlement Money

To be considered eligible for claiming settlement money, users must have been a person residing in the United States within the qualifying time frame. This means that even if you used Facebook during this period but lived outside of the U.S., unfortunately, you won’t be able to file a monetary claim as part of this agreement.

Besides residency requirements, another crucial factor determining your eligibility is having an “activated” Facebook account within the specified timeframe. An activated account refers to one where users actively engage with others on the platform by posting content or interacting with other people’s posts (e.g., liking or commenting).

  • Inactive accounts: If your account was created but remained inactive throughout most of its existence (i.e., no engagement), then it might not qualify under this agreement.
  • Suspended accounts: Users whose accounts were suspended due to policy violations may also find themselves ineligible for filing claims related to this settlement.

If both residency and activation conditions are met based on the guidelines provided above  then congratulations! You could potentially receive compensation from Meta through their recent privacy violation lawsuit.

How to File Your Monetary Claim

Filing your monetary claim for the Facebook settlement is a simple process that can be completed online or via mail.

Online Submission Process Explained

  1. Create an account: To begin the process, create an account on the Facebook Settlement Claim website. You can do this with your email address and a password of your choice.
  2. Verify residency: Once logged in, provide proof of U.S. residency during the specified timeframe (May 24, 2007-December 22, 2022) by uploading documents such as utility bills or bank statements with matching names and addresses.
  3. Determine eligibility: Next, confirm that you had an “activated” Facebook account within the given dates by providing relevant information like a profile URL or screenshots of activity on the platform.
  4. Submit claim form: Fill out all necessary fields in the online claim form accurately and honestly. Additionally, double-check all provided details before submitting it for review.

Mailing Instructions for Submitting Claims

If you prefer mailing in your monetary claim instead of filing it online, follow these steps:

  1. Gather required documents: Collect copies of supporting documentation. This includes documents that prove both U.S. residency and relevant activity during eligible timeframes.
  2. Download and complete the claim form: Visit the Facebook Settlement Claim Form page to download a printable version of the claim form. Fill it out accurately, providing all necessary information.
  3. Mail your submission: Package your completed claim form along with supporting documents in an envelope addressed to the specified Claims Administrator address found on the website or within the instructions provided on the downloaded form. Ensure that you mail your submission before any deadlines mentioned in the settlement terms.

Note that processing times for mailed claims may be longer than those submitted online. Keep track of important dates and allow time for delivery to avoid missing deadlines. Filing your monetary claim is necessary if you want to get the funds to which you are entitled. Be sure to follow the directions!

How Much Will You Get?

The amount awarded from the settlement depends on several factors. These factors include how long you’ve been using Facebook within the specified dates. No fixed payout is assured for each individual. The final amount you receive will depend on how many people file claims and the total number of points awarded across all claimants.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Facebook Settlement Claim is an opportunity for eligible Facebook users to receive compensation for privacy violations by Meta. As a result, the $725 million settlement offers a chance for affected users to claim monetary relief based on their account activity and length of use. As a result, that means you won’t know your settlement amount right away. However, you may be in for a pleasant surprise at the end of it all! Make sure you file your claim as soon as possible. The last day to apply is August 25th, 2023!