USA Today Pitching Anti-Asian Hate Long After They Knew the Killer Was Asian


USA Today reported that the shooting at Monterey Park in California that left 10 dead has “revived fears and trauma” about “anti-Asian hatred” for the Los Angeles Asian Community.

Two minor problems exist with the story. The Vietnamese killer was discovered by USA Today before USA Today published the story.

Huu Can Tran, 72, began his murderous spree in Monterey Park on Saturday night at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in China. He continued the violence at the Lai Lai Ballroom Alhambra shortly after that. Tran committed suicide at noon on Sunday.

Tran’s face was plastered all over the place as the suspect hours prior a SWAT team surrounded his white van on Sunday and found his body dead at 1 p.m. USA Today continued to report on the “fears, traumas” and “anti-Asian hatred” story just hours after Tran had been identified by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Reporters Jordan Mendoza and Marc Ramirez said that “the incident” had “revived the terror and fears caused by the wave of hate incidents and tragedies that has struck the community in the past few years.”

Although you can’t fault the reporters for following the panicked victims at the time, hours later the shooter was positively identified as Asian, it is hard to blame the editors for continuing the story with a false narrative.

It gets worse in the third paragraph.

Frank Wu, president of Queens College and City University of New York said, “Even though we can’t be certain an attack was racial, it nevertheless can be a racial effect.” Before the attacker was identified.

Because USA Today did not bother to investigate or report the incident, we don’t know what Wu may have said.

The Colorado Springs Club Q shooting almost vanished after we discovered that the shooter was non-binary.

Everything must be attributed to racism or anti-phobia, even if there is no such thing. It is better for The Cause than to spread fear, hatred, and division.

An MSN story, dated Monday morning, stated that Tran had complained “often” to a friend about the “evil things” his dance instructors at Star Ballroom Dance Studio had said about him.

My unprofessional but experienced opinion is that Tran was holding a grudge, off of his rocker, or both. Both explanations are supported by facts and don’t even hint at racism.

I’m not afraid to remind you that most murders occur within race groups and not outside them.