San Francisco Gallery Owner Arrested for Spraying Water on Homeless Woman in Viral Video


Shannon Collier Gwin, a 71-year-old San Francisco Foster Gwin Gallery owner, shouted obscenities at passersby.

Gwin tried everything. Gwin offered Q’s help. Gwin called the police “at least 25” times but got no assistance.

Gwin finally lost his item. Gwin stood outside and sprayed water from a garden hose on Q to try and get her out.

Gwin was caught on video, and his desperate act led to his arrest.

District Attorney Brook Jenkins celebrated his arrest of the dangerous 71-year-old Gwin.

Gwin was cited with misdemeanor Battery for the “intentional and unlawful spraying of water” incident on Q. Gwin has been charged with misdemeanor Battery “for the alleged deliberate & unlawful spraying off the water” on Q.

While we are on the topic, wouldn’t a DA in a racked city racked violent crimes do something more than arrest exasperated businessmen?


As San Francisco and other cities with high housing prices have struggled to deal with the increase in homelessness, this confrontation is inevitable. 3,400 people live in shelters.

Gwin said that the homeless man who lived in the area refused to move and refused to help with moving their belongings.

Gwin stated that he feels it was difficult to make an apology after we weren’t able to help. We must have received 25 calls.

Gwin has since apologized to Q for spraying, likely following advice from an attorney.

“I’m deeply apologetic and abhorred when I watch that video,” he said. “I completely broke. I’m not equipped or trained to deal with a long-term citywide problem like this. I know it’s very hard to watch. I can only ask others to maybe try to better understand my breaking point by looking at sudden reactions they might have had in their own life and how they may have strongly overreacted and now feel so humbled and sorry.”

Gwin admitted he lost his temper. How many other residents and business owners in San Francisco also find themselves at the end of their rope and lash out in some way at the people in their neighborhoods who scream at them, urinate and defecate on their property, and threaten their children with absolutely no response from the police and a mayor in city hall who brags about this impossible situation getting better?

The only difference between Gwin and other at-wits-end residents is that no one with a camera phone was around to record it.