Tucker Carlson’s Dire Prediction Regarding Potential Trump Indictment


Tucker Carlson was Fox News’ host Monday night. He argued that indicting former President Donald Trump could lead to the permanent destruction of and corruption of the United States justice system.

Carlson acknowledged that former presidents could be indicted on charges of crimes they committed. However, it is clear that Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. It is not uncommon to abuse the justice system in order to remove a political foe. This could be dangerous.

Carlson pointed out that Alvin Bragg was elected as district attorney to indict Trump. He spent many decades trying to find a way to charge him with a variety of crimes. Finally, he settled on Stormy Daniels’ “hush money” payment. The Federal Election Commission has already said that it is not a campaign finance violation.

Carlson pointed to the fact that the whole thing is absurd on a legal level. Trump is running for president.

So we have a Soros-backed prosecutor who promises to indict Trump for an offense that was long considered not to be a crime.

“If the Democratic Party allows this, allowed the Democratic Party to crush a presidential frontrunner, the biggest threat, their power with the bogus crime case. then where do they go?”

Carlson stated, “If they use the Justice Department to settle a dispute and keep the White House, just to benefit from a man who seems to be doing quite well, then that would mean we will destroy our justice system.” Carlson stated, “If they use our Justice Department to settle a political dispute and keep the White House, just for a guy who seems to be doing quite well, then we’ll destroy our justice system, and that’s no small thing.”

Carlson asked, “What happens if the Department of Justice decides that its goal isn’t justice but protection of the ruling class at all costs?” ”