Georgia Grand Jury Probe in Trump’s Crosshairs as Lawyers Target Investigation


These past days have shown that Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, is determined to get Donald Trump on something. His office has even attempted to make a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels a campaign finance violation.

Bragg is not the only one who wants to make a name by taking down Trump. Fulton County, Ga. DA Fani Willis is leading an anti-Trump crusade.

Willis’ crusade began in May last year, when she convened an impartial grand jury to examine the ex-president’s call to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State, asking him to “find more voters” to replace Biden in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Willis tried to capture the now-Lt. Governor. Burt Jones fought for her Democrat opponent while she was on the grand jury.

The grand jury eventually recommended that Willis be charged. However, details of the charges and the identities of the people who would face them remain secret. Soon after the grand jury’s announcement, Emily Kohrs, who was the foreperson, made a series of television appearances, in which she laughed at the proceedings, making the whole thing seem more absurd than it really was.

Trump is now fighting back with a legal motion to suppress the final report of the grand jury and disqualify Willis’ office for further investigation. Atlanta-based attorneys Jennifer Little, Drew Findling, and Marissa Goldberg filed a 483-page motion on Monday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the attorneys, Willis’ comments and her politically charged attempts at Jones being involved in the investigation tainted all of the proceedings.

They stated that “the resulting prejudicial taint can’t be excised from (Fulton DA) Office’s] results or any future prosecution.”

The AJC reports that the filing stated that Georgia’s special grand jury laws “violate the principles of fundamental fairness, due process” and that the investigation was “erroneous, and more importantly, unconstitutional.”

The lawyers claim that the grand jury was formed because of political motives, even though the investigation started before Trump was declared a candidate for 2024.

They stated that President Trump was “inextricably connected with this investigation from its inception.” The investigation focuses on Trump’s bid for a second term in office.

The motion also addresses Kohrs’ public comments and an interview that five grand jurors gave to the AJC last Wednesday in which one juror stated that when the full report is out, it would be “massive.”

They also asked that Robert McBurney from Fulton Superior Court, the judge who presided over this special grand jury, be heard.

According to the AJC, McBurney was accused of violating the rights of those affected by the investigation by speaking with the media. They also cited McBurney’s interpretation of Georgia statutes. He deemed the probe to be criminal and not civil in nature.

McBurney and Willis did not respond to the AJC’s request for comment.

Fox 5 reports that the Georgia challenge could end the investigation. A new prosecutor would be needed if Willis’ team is successful.

Although it remains to be seen if the motion will succeed, it’s difficult to fault Trump’s team for trying to stop any more trouble from occurring.

You can see the whole motion at the end of the article. But first, I want to take a moment of your time.

Imagine what the left can do to Trump if they are able to target him so brutally.

We have been there too.