Tucker Carlson Rips DOJ For ‘Shocking Attack’ On ‘Freedom Of Speech’ In Internet ‘Troll’ Conviction


Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked the Department of Justice on Friday for the conviction of Douglass Mackey, an internet “troll”, for posting memes during 2016.

“After Joe Biden was indicted by a Manhattan grand juror, another New York jury convicted Douglass Mackey, a Republican social media influencer. What was Mackey doing wrong? Douglass Mackey was accused of mocking Hillary Clinton voters online,” Carlson said, co-founder and editor of the Daily Caller News Foundation and Daily Caller News Foundation. “You are seeing the meme Mackey posted to Twitter during the 2016 election. Mackey claims that it is possible to vote by text message for President because only Hillary voters would believe such an absurdity. In real life, however, Mackey’s injures did not change a single vote. Nobody has proven otherwise. This crime was not committed by the government. It could not.”

Friday’s announcement by the Justice Department that Mackey was convicted of internet memes posted during 2016 presidential election, in a press release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, came from the Justice Department.

Mackey was indicted by the Department of Justice on January 20, 2021. He is accused of conspiring to “injure, harass, threaten, and intimidate any person… in the free exercising or enjoyment of any rights or privileges secured to him under the Constitution.”

Mackey was laughing. No one believed that he was a federal election official. His social media profile featured a Donald Trump app. Carlson stated that it was obvious that this was mockery. “But after the 2016 election, and the growing hysteria over President Trump, mocking of the Democratic Party became an offense. Douglass Mackey is now facing 10 years imprisonment. Doug Mackey’s case is the most serious attack on freedom speech in this country during our lifetime.

Legal experts expressed concern about Mackey’s trial. He posted earlier this year under the alias of “Ricky Vaughn” on First Amendment grounds.

It is also a valuable lesson about who will be allowed speak in the future. Carlson stated that Kristina Wong, a woman named Kristina Wong, posted almost the same meme in 2016 but, unlike Doug Mackey’s, Wong voted to elect Hillary Clinton. “Hey Trump supporters! She wrote, “skip poll lines, text in your vote” and the Department of Justice under Joe Biden did not show any interest in Kristina Wong being prosecuted. Can you see how it works? Are you able to understand the new partisan legal standards? That would be the purpose of this exercise. They want you to be familiar with the rules.

The Daily Caller News Foundation requested comment, but the Justice Department did not respond immediately.