Philadelphia Flyers’ Nic Deslauriers Gloriously Gets Into Fight … And Then Gets Into Another One Right After


There are so many fireworks in one game!

In a devastating overtime loss, the Ottawa Senators outplayed the Philadelphia Flyers 5-4. That might be why Flyers forward Nic DeLauriers was so feisty, which resulted in him appearing in two fights that night. His fights were also back-to-back.

The game was a tense affair throughout. In the second period Deslauriers took revenge on Austin Watson, the Senators’ player. It was a great fight with both sides getting punches. After the referees had broken up the scrum, Ottawa’s Mark Kastelic demanded some action. Deslauriers also wanted to get in on the action.

It was amazing.

This wasn’t all that was on the night. There was also this slobber knocker.

Ahh, who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned hockey match?

It’s one reason why the culture is so great. This is similar to the time I was playing NHL 23 and my opponent got into three fights in a single game. It was hilarious! The fact that I was also fighting was amazing.

It was incredible. It’s amazing.