Tucker Carlson Calls for Pompeo’s Imprisonment over Assange Plot


Morality can be opaque at times.

Sometimes, the world is black and white.

Mike Pompeo is a career CIA spook and one of the sleaziest scumbags ever to serve as Secretary of State. This contrasts with Julian Assange who, in my opinion, should be promoted to high positions rather than being locked up at the whim of the criminal U.S. Government.

Tucker Carlson is also of the opinion that Pompeo, who tried to poison Assange extrajudicially in 2017, should be charged with attempted murder.

As Tucker notes, Assange is rotting away in prison, just for doing journalism. The U.S. Government hates this, despite its boasts about democracy or whatever.

Assange exposes the corporate state media for what they are through his work. They hate journalism just as much, if not more, than the U.S. Government.

Tucker deserves credit for his efforts in the final days of Trump’s administration. He pressured Trump to pardon Assange on Fox News. Trump was almost certainly watching. Trump never pulled the trigger, despite reports that he wanted to. He was under enormous pressure by the neocon trash he allowed into his administration not to let Assange leave, and almost certainly implicit or explicit threats were made if he didn’t.

Forbes, January 20, 2021:

Assange’s supporters have been critical of Trump for his decision to exclude Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange from his list of final presidential pardons. They accuse the outgoing President of caving to pressure from his advisers and Senate Republicans.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson urged Trump to pardon Assange before the list of pardons was released. He said that Assange was jailed “for telling the truth” and was therefore entitled to a pardon.

Carlson claimed he heard that Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader (R-Ky. ), was blocking Assange’s Pardon. McConnell then sent a message to Trump informing him that Republicans would be “much more likely to convict” Trump if he granted Assange a pardon.

Trump is a decent man, but he’s weak and vulnerable to manipulation and threats. If he wins, his administration must be staffed with the right people. Pompeo, John Bolton, his stupid mustache, and his nepotistic son-in-law do not fit into this category.