Trump’s ‘Avenge Tour’: Democrats Brace for a Campaign of Retaliation


Whether they love or hate him, most Americans will no doubt agree that Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing figures in American presidential history. He is brash, often belligerent, and unafraid to send out mean tweets here and there that apparently upset people on both sides of the aisle. As we get closer to being right in the thick of the 2024 presidential election cycle, Democrats are visibly worried about the candidacy of Joe Biden and the very real possibility that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and go on to win the general election. If that happens, they say, it will be Trump’s “revenge tour.” Personally, I am perfectly okay with a “revenge” tour. But I would give it a different name. I am calling it the “Avenge Tour.”

Donald Trump was already a celebrity before he entered politics. It seemed that people from Washington to Hollywood would beg for a picture. In magazines like People, he is pictured with celebrities from Oprah to Bill Clinton. Donald Trump was considered a “safe commodity”. As soon as Trump stepped off the escalator at Trump Tower in 2015, his reputation changed. It was largely because he ran for President as a Republican. Donald Trump would have been a hero if he had declared himself a Democrat. On that day, the contingency plan for taking down Trump was launched.

Election night 2016: Fast forward. Donald Trump won the election and began to implement the plan. Democrats want to discuss “revenge?” We should talk about revenge, because the Democrats’ version began on Election Night 2016, and it hasn’t stopped since. The usual Democrat smear campaign against the results of elections won by Republicans, at least since 2000, was there as well as the hanging Chad incident. Since then, the Democrats have gone into a psychotic mode never before seen in American politics.

This is a trip down memory lane. Trump first colluded with the Russians. The FBI was represented by notables like James Comey, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok. There was also a Democrat-led Congress and Republican Never-Trumpers who could not stand the idea that Trump’s presidency would disrupt the Washington D.C. Status Quo. They tried to stop him in every way, including impeachment. There were also 51 former intelligence officers who said that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained nothing but Russian propaganda. Trump now faces up to a 1,000-year prison sentence on at least ninety criminal charges.

Do Democrats now fear revenge? They clearly fear for themselves. They should also be afraid of Americans who want to revenge the treatment of their candidate for the next US president. While they know that it may be harder to pull off “irregularities in an election” without the addition of a pandemic, never underestimate the power and determination of people who are desperate. Politics is dirty and, while Democrats fret about Trump’s revenge, Trump supporters want these people to be held accountable for their actions, not only to Trump but also to the nation and its institutions. It sounds like a just revenge to me.

Republicans often talk about a dual-tiered system of justice. What are you willing to do, as Sean Connery posed in “The Untouchables”? What are we going to do with the two-tiered system of justice? Are we willing to hold Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or any other Republican as an example, regardless of whether they become President? We will have to make them an example if we want to fix our two-tiered system of justice. Stop being nice. We should draft Mitt Romney to run for another term if we don’t want to stop being nice.

The Democrats have spent eight years “getting retribution.” Why were they so hell-bent to get revenge? What are they retaliating for? No revenge tour for Democrats or Never-Trumpers here. But I’d be happy to buy a ticket for “Avenge Tour.”