Karine Jean-Pierre Stumbles in Contentious Presser, Making Major Admissions About Biden’s Failures


I’m not sure if it was purposeful or not, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a big admission about the Biden administration’s failures on Monday. During a press briefing, she was pushed on the latest polling data showing so many people disapproving of the job the president is doing.

Jean-Pierre’s response seemed to indicate that he had conceded defeat, at least in the moment.

Hey, kudos for your honesty. This administration is so sham that even a little truth would be welcome. Come on. Joe Biden is always a good choice. Does that guy look like someone who will be on the ballot in November? It’s possible that this is his plan and his wife’s, but it’s a very serious question how it will work out in practice. It almost seems like the White House expects to lose by admitting that it won’t be able to change anyone’s mind.

Biden is 81 and still going strong. He asked a 7-year-old if she was 17 and told her that he liked the ears of a girl who was then 7. Even if you assume the best (i.e. Even if we assume the best, i.e. Democrats are aware that something has to go. At this point, they don’t see a way to get out.

Jean-Pierre tried to support the president in spite of his age.

It’s about age. Biden’s mental deprecation, which is part of aging in our real world, is a reflection of that. He won’t live forever and is no further behind schedule than the average great-grandfather in a nursing facility. At this point, the drug cocktail team must be sweating bullets each time he steps out in public.

But I do agree on one point. It is true that the proof lies in the pudding. The economy of the country is in a mess, characterized by high costs and a lack of progress. The nation’s foreign policies are marked by a series of failures, as the situation spirals further into chaos. The proof is in what you eat, and that’s why Biden has a low approval rating.

Speaking of polls, a heated debate erupted over them.

What do they like at this stage? Biden’s rating isn’t high on any issue. Abortion, perhaps? It’s because we are hopelessly obsessed with the idea of killing our own children. This is not something on which to hang your hat. The situation is bad. Jean-Pierre acknowledges that Americans are not good.