Trump’s Alma Mater Goes for Woke Olympic Gold With New Degree Program


Education has seen a dramatic transformation in a very short time. America’s academic fire is being fueled by wokeness. An elite business school launched a new degree program in response to culture’s most popular trend.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business has a reputation for being the best. It’s also Donald Trump’s alma matter. It is also moving towards a more modern style, hence the new announcement.

The school’s website announces that the “MBA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Major (DEI Major)” will be launched in the academic year 2023-2024.

Courses included:

  • Discrimination and Business Economics
  • Big Data, Big Responsibilities
  • Leadership Diversity in Organizations
  • Reforming Mass Incarceration: The Role of Business
  • Influence
  • Prison Education
  • Organizational Politics and Power

It might be expected that business, a field based on practicality and profit, will escape the grasp of wokeness. However, for the DEI officer aspirant, enlightenment can be big business.

A committee of officially credentialed advocates is behind almost every waking decision. It’s a booming industry. explains why you should pursue DEI.

As of September 26, 2022, the average salary for Chief Diversity Officers in the United States was $227,900. However, the range is typically between $196,200 to $275,700. The range of salaries can be very varied depending on many factors such as education, certifications, and years spent in the profession.

It’s a good job to be a bureaucrat. Positions that are designed to solve problems and discover solutions are not considered obsolete. There are many horrors that the world needs to be addressed. To the benefit of DEI officers, there are three distinct categories that need to be mined to determine relevance. If your current job is not justified by diversity concerns, then consider equity. The work of equality is ongoing because we will never reach a perfect state.

Wharton, in general, is late to the party when it comes to waking up.

We live in a new world. Both the old virtues and their enemies have been replaced. We are engaged in a struggle for justice of the social variety. Our warriors are highly-paid officers. Get your master’s degree in DEI. Those who don’t will likely soon lose the title of “master”.