It Sure Looks Like Joe Biden Is Trying to Blackmail Saudi Arabia to Interfere in the 2022 Election


One phrase that you may have grown tired of hearing if you lived during the Trump era was Quid pro quo.

Non-stop coverage of Trump’s “quid pro quo” was the norm for months. He was accused of preventing military aid from being sent to Ukraine to allow for an investigation into Hunter Biden’s corruption. That led to one of the most absurd impeachments in history. There was no direct evidence that Trump was involved in said “quid pro quo”.

However, I have good news: Quid pro-quos work again. At least, if you’re Joe Biden. It sure seems like he wants to pass one to spare the Democratic Party from too much pain in November. Saudi Arabia claims that the president wants to convince the Kingdom to delay a reduction in oil production for a month. This would be a convenient tactic, which will be put off until after the midterm elections.

What is the pro if postponing an oil supply cut until after the election would be the quid? Biden appears to be using the long-established arms sales to blackmail the Saudis who are an American ally to do what he wants. CNN reports that Jake Sullivan (Biden’s National Security Advisor) has stated that the White House is now “examining” all aspects of the US relationship with the Saudis following the rejection. This includes stopping arms sales.

As President Joe Biden examines all aspects of US relations with Saudi Arabia, including arms exports, administration officials will begin to have quiet discussions with congressional aides and members of Congress about the possible consequences for the kingdom after the decision by the Kingdom to partner with Russia in reducing oil production.

Biden’s mention of Russia is an attempt to hide his true intentions. Russia is a member country of OPEC+. This is not a new fact. The Saudis are just one of 23 countries that decide on the future of the oil cartel. This means that there is no collusion. It is simply a long-standing agreement.

The White House pretends that Saudi Arabia is anti-Ukraine, but this is not true. Saudi Arabia voted in favor of the UN resolution to help Ukraine, and they reiterated their support for sovereign borders in the latest statement.

Ben Shapiro responded by pointing out that all this amounts to something we were told was impeachable only a few years back.

You can be sure that the answer will be different this year. Biden will use the US foreign policies apparatus to help an ally, which would be politically advantageous for his party. Yes, this politically beneficial outcome is clearly fabricated to interfere with the 2022 elections. We can’t hold him to the same standards Trump was held to, but Ukraine invaded Russia. This would be insane.