Trump Urges States to Deploy National Guard for Swift Action on Border Migrant Situation


President Trump wrote: “We encourage all states to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent Illegals from entering the country and to return them across the border.” “All Americans should support Texas authorities’ commonsense measures to protect Texas, the American people, and their safety, security, and sovereignty.”

In the first part of his post, Trump stated that Texas had invoked the Invasion Clause in the Constitution and needed full support to repel this invasion.

Former President Bush’s remarks came the same day that 25 Republican Governors, from Alaska to Florida, New Hampshire, and Nevada, released statements of support for Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, and his mission to secure Texas’ southern border.

On Thursday night, Kristi Noem, South Dakota Governor, told Fox News: “If Greg Abbott wants more razor wire I will load it myself into a truck.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent a second letter of demand to Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton on Tuesday demanding that the State provide full and unhindered access to Shelby Park, Eagle Pass. The Texas Military Department had seized the park in early February and expelled all Border Patrol agents except those who launched boats into the Rio Grande.

Jonathan E. Meyer, DHS’s General Counsel, wrote to Paxton: “By the end of January 2024 please confirm the State will grant U.S. Border Patrol the access described above.” If the state refuses to grant the requested access, please specify which access you plan to deny.

Abbott has not changed his position on Shelby Park, the border section with Mexico, and the State’s control over it.

Abbott told Fox News that Texas has a constitutionally protected right to defend itself. “We will hold our line.”

Border Patrol unofficial reports show that since the start of the fiscal year on October 1, 2023 agents have apprehended over 460,000 illegal migrants who crossed the border from ports of entry to the five Texas-based sector.