Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger Open Wallets to Put Weight Behind Nikki Haley


Kinzinger revealed on X that he had donated $250 to Haley’s campaign, even though she lost the New Hampshire primaries to former President Trump.

“I have just given Haley $250, I want to be sure that I will never be invited to the cheap and horrible S-hole called Mar-A-Lago. I don’t wish to contract weak victims. “I’m thankful that sweaty Don showed us how to ban ourselves,” Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger said he did not intend to give to Haley until Trump announced on X that any person who contributed to Haley would be “permanently barred” from the Make America Great Again movement.

“I noticed that when I won an election, the losing candidate’s donors would come to me and ask for help. This is a standard practice in politics, but not anymore with me. Anyone who makes a “Contribution” to Birdbrain will be permanently banned from the MAGA camp. We do not want them and we will never accept them because America First is ALWAYS our priority!” said the former president on Truth Social.

Similarly, Liz Cheney stated in an interview with Pod Save America she would support Haley.

Cheney said, “The attempt by Trump to seize the power in the weeks leading up to January 6 is an existential danger…Nikki Haley, who has been fighting to keep Trump from office, should continue to do so.”