Trump Is Still the Democrats’ Daddy


Since last year, I’ve been saying that Donald Trump isn’t just living rent-free in the heads of Democrats, he’s also building condos there and having a great time.

Because Trump is still smiling and teasing a 2024 run, the Dems have not been able to experience even one moment of their victory in 2020. They think about him every morning when they wake up. They end up in their shame, thinking about him every night.

The House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues (also known as the J6 Committee) exists to invent reasons to stop Trump from running again for president. They know they can’t beat him in a fair fight without generous aid from a pandemic.

We wrote yesterday about a poll that shows the Democrats are running for the Prilosec or Xanax.

Donald Trump is the most disgraced person in media history. It’s been seven years since Trump entered politics. There has been constant hate and lies.

According to the Harvard-CAPS Harris Poll’s latest survey, Donald Trump is rated as more favorable than any other American politician.

According to the poll, these are the five most favorable politicians.

Donald Trump, 42%

Bernie Sanders, 40%

Mike Pence, 39%

Joe Biden, 38%

Kamala Harris, 37%

While Trump’s numbers aren’t as high as the other prominent Democrats, they are still significantly higher than those of the other two. Matt points out that this is despite corrupt media working overtime against Trump. Around half of The New York Times and The Washington Post’s Opinion pieces are critical of Trump in any given week, even though he hasn’t done anything noteworthy recently.

They can’t get rid of Brokeback Mountain, paraphrasing Brokeback Mountain.

It is really bad that Biden’s numbers are being distorted by the MSM, which also puts so much effort into supporting him.

Trump would still be president if it weren’t for the pandemic, and the excuse it gave Democrats to loosen up with election laws. After being so excited about running Trump out of office, the Dems could be in for a nightmare scenario: Trump winning a second term that is delayed.

They should likely add Ambien to their meds.

All the rest should eat popcorn.