Abortion is A Central Issue for Our Times


My wife published an article in response to the Roe v. Wade controversy. She stated that abortion-on-demand is not a matter of male compulsion, but the woman has the responsibility as a person with individual agency and can decide whether or not she wants to have her unborn child. The patriarchal dominance of the woman is not a helpless condition. She is a free agent, who can make her own decisions and not be a victim of male oppression. It is demeaning to think otherwise. This is a way of infantilizing women and exonerating them for their decisions.

Many correspondents have commented on the argument. They felt, among other things, that few people care about the issue. I believe that such reactions are indicative of a fundamental misunderstanding of the subject.

Because abortion is the Left’s most fundamental sacrament, it remains the central topic of the “discussion”, the hill they don’t intend to die but which they will defend legally and illegally in every way possible. This is a grave offense, as the Bible warns against it. The killing of the unborn and the newborn is a pagan ritual that was practiced by ancient Canaanites, who worshiped Moloch, a destructing god whose life was not a divine gift. You don’t have to be a believer in order to take seriously Leviticus 18-21: “And you shall not allow any of your seed to pass through the fire toward Molech, nor shalt thou profane thy God’s name: I am the Lord.” The “hilled site,” where the Left is camped, is a contemporary version of Topheth. King Josiah destroyed it so that “no one might burn his sons or daughters as an offering to Moloch.” (2 Kings 23:10). While the secularists will laugh off the warning, the progressivist priests and “idolatrous priests”, will ignore it. However, history proves the biblical commandment. These peoples and nations are no more, but Israel, literally the people of genesis and the bringers of the Decalogue has survived.

The modern Canaanite, in his hieratic depravity, is still with us. This is despite the fact that the political Left does not fully understand that a nation serving Moloch is doomed. We can view the abomination in any way we want, such as as a violation or failure to reach the population replacement ratio (2.1 births per woman). The die has been cast. The consequences are irreversible. We may overlook another aspect of the crisis.

Pro-choice prepossessions are merely fragments of the larger picture. They reflect a lack of moral responsibility and ignorance about the past. True conservatives are deeply concerned about the evils of totalitarianism, the devastation of the economy, gender fluidity’s myth, a war against the families, the extermination of the individual, and technocratic suppression. Chris Queen, a columnist, writes that abortion for the Left is still “a moral crusade” and that those who fight for life “have sacrificed the moral highest ground in the calculus of the left.” This is a twisted calculus, and in this instance, the moral high ground is the sloughing of moral decadence.

Inherently, the lives of the child, culture, nation, or civilization are one. They are coterminous. You murder the future if you kill the unborn. This applies to both the immediate as well as the comprehensive sense. Abortion, whether it is for selfish or medical reasons or just for convenience, remains a major issue. Cultures that willfully abort their progeny are the same as those that reject the basic principles that guarantee their survival. It is a culture that hates its tenure and that worships the lie.

Gabriel Moens, emeritus professor of law, points out that the West has lost its moral compass. The Left is engaged in “implementing social engineering agenda: abortion upon demand… same-sex marital, euthanasia and shaming the Western civilization, degrading the role religion plays in society, compulsory critical races studies and transgenderism among others.”

In “the consequential issues” of our time, the practice of indiscriminate abortion is a key indicator and warning sign of national decline. Psalms 106:38 says that the Left has “sacrificed unto Canaan’s idols: and the land became polluted with blood.” Abortion is seen as both a sign and a means of empowerment and a sign of fealty to the pagan gods of self-destruction. This signifies, according to my correspondent, a very important and relevant area in life.