Trans Activists Demanded Day of Vengeance Before Christian School Shooting


Audrey Elizabeth Hale (28-year-old biological woman who identified herself as male) murdered six people at The Covenant School in Tennessee on Monday.

The attack on the victims was also carried out during a planned “Day of Vengeance”, which transgender activists were planning to hold later in the week.

According to the Trans Radical Activist Network’s (TRAN) website, gays and lesbians experienced the same as the Stonewall Riots. It is imperative that this cycle of hatred ends. We need allies and siblings now more than ever. “I was a radical revolutionary. I am still a revolutionary…I am glad that I was part of the Stonewall Riot. When someone threw a Molotov cocktail at me, I thought, “My god, the revolution has arrived.” “The revolution is finally here?” –Sylvia Rivera.

At this time, no connection has been made between the shooter’s group and Hale. John Drake, Nashville Chief Police Officer, was asked Monday if Hale’s transgender identity played any role in her attack on the school. He declined to confirm it but said that it was a working theory. It would be discussed later.

The Day of Vengeance’s primary event will take place at 11 AM on Saturday at the Supreme Court, D.C. Additional events are planned for March 31. LGBTQ activists targeted Justice Brett Kavanaugh specifically, who was previously assassinated by a far-left activist last January.

They claim to be seeking revenge for “trans genocide”, a conspiracy theory that suggests that transgender people are targeted with violence. The Daily Wire examined FBI statistics and found no evidence to support this claim. Only two of the 271 hate crimes against transgender people were recorded in 2021. These numbers are significantly lower than the other groups, and not sufficient to support allegations of “trans genocide.”

According to the website, Bo Belotti (22 years old) is the National Recruitment Director of the organization. Virginia Commonwealth University profiled Belotti in December as a biological woman who self-identifies as a male.

“[She] cofounded a statewide trans activist group and was a campaign manager for a candidate for city council, a field organizer of Planned Parenthood’s political action committee, and a field coordinator for Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial race. She was also a Del. Fellow. Elizabeth Guzman interned for former Del. Joshua Cole and was promoted to legislative aide by Cole.

Belotti proudly spoke out about her role in drafting HB145 which required the creation of transgender policies for public schools. These guidelines encouraged schools and parents to hide the gender transition of their children from their parents.

At this time, there is no indication that the “Day of Vengeance”, as planned, has been canceled. However, several social media accounts that were connected to the group have been made secret in the wake of Monday’s shooting.