Lawmaker Arrested For Public Intoxication


Police officers in Oklahoma City arrested a lawmaker from Oklahoma Thursday for public intoxication.

According to Fox 25, police took Republican state Rep. Dean Davis into custody after 2 a.m. at Skinny Slims, E. Maine Street. According to Fox 25, he allegedly argued with officers, slurred speech, and tried to show police who he was. He said, “You don’t know how badly you messed it up.” According to police, you will find out tomorrow.”

USA Today reports that footage from patrol cars shows Davis contesting his arrest.

The police were not called to the scene. Two officers witnessed people drinking on the Skinny Slims Patio as they returned from work. DailyMail reports that Davis and his friends were seated on the patio.

Davis denied that he was drunk.

“I am aware that last night has become an issue and that many of my colleagues from the House are being asked for their opinions to help explain what happened. David said last week that he did not believe there was any wrongdoing. “However I would like to apologize to the House for causing such a distraction to the important work of this House.

After being booked at the facility, Davis was released by Oklahoma County Detention Center and given OR City Bond.

Davis was also arrested for driving under the influences in 2019. In 2022, Davis was sentenced to a six month deferred sentence. He completed it on March 3.