Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Make-Work Jobs


President Joe Biden recently said he would let Vice President Kamala Harris solve the border problem. Biden’s border crisis continues to malfunction precisely as designed, along with the PR disaster unable to help Harris’ disapproval numbers, or Biden’s.

Biden stopped Australia from signing a multibillion-dollar submarine deal with France. The goal was to convince the Aussies that they would rather buy nuclear submarines made in America or Britain than French diesel subs.

There are two problems with this. First, Australia won’t receive its first nuclear submarine for 20 years. This is because nobody has told Biden that we are already building subs to capacity. France didn’t discover that Joe had screwed him until French President Emmanuel Macron was standing over the Resolute desk.

Harris was sent by the White House to France to undo Joe’s harm. It was comically as cringeworthy. The vice president’s most important task may be to manage a smoothly-running office so that, if necessary, they are ready to take over as President. Harris is unable to do this: Her staff is leaving in droves and it is clear she is not trustworthy with any important task.

Harris is being given something by the White House that she cannot fail to accomplish. Because hardly anyone likes racial inequalities and even fewer support maternity mortality, they gave Harris a job that she liked. Harris has no choice but to make her name look important in a press release that very few will see.

Here Are The Top Ten Other Kamala Harris Work-from Jobs

10. Aim for hyperactivity reduction in elderly tree sloths

9. Trade deal with Antarctica

8. “Waffle Cones and Sugar Cones: A Six-Hour Powerpoint Presentation to President Joe Biden (Eyes Only).”

7. Undercover investigation into Chicago South Side Gang Areas

6. Collect and compile a complete collection of emerging personal pronouns.

5. Get rid of the Canadian border.

4. TikTok: What’s the End? A One-Woman Investigation.

3. Der Cacklemeister.

2. United States Senator from California, 2017-2021 Sorry for the error.

The number one Kamala Harris job is…

1. Willie Brown.