Top Russian Military Leaders Discuss Options For Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine


According to reports, top Russian military officers have discussed how and when to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine in the last few days.

According to several senior U.S. officials, the New York Times reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t part of the talks. According to the report, Putin is the only person who can issue an order for nuclear weapons.

The U.S. military officials were shocked that these discussions were taking place, as it indicated that Putin’s previous threats to use nuclear weapons might not just be bluster. Officials would not reveal the scenarios where Russian military leaders might use these weapons.

The report stated that there was no evidence that Russian officials were planning to use tactical nukes in the near future.

Early last month, reports surfaced that a Russian military train was carrying equipment for its nuclear weapons program to the frontlines of Ukraine’s war. This sparked fears that Putin might be planning to use nuclear weapons to counter Russia’s growing losses.

The Telegraph reported that the train was “operated and linked to the 12th main directorate of the Russian ministry for defense”

Russia accused Ukraine of plotting to use a dirty weapon against Russia. The U.S. then accused Russia of planning a false-flag attack.

Later, Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, rebutted those fears by saying to reporters that he had not seen any evidence that Putin had made a decision about using a dirty bomb.

He stated that it would be the first nuclear weapon used in more than 70 years. “If this happens, we knew from the beginning that there would be a significant international response.”

The remarks were made by President Joe Biden to boost fundraising while speaking to Democrats. He said that Putin was “not joking about” the possibility of using “tactical nu weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military might be significantly underperforming.”

Biden stated that there is no prospect of Armageddon after Kennedy’s missile crisis and the Cuban missile crisis. He also said that there was a direct threat of nuclear weapons being used if things go on as they are.