Shapiro At Texas A&M Says Transgressives Are Tearing Down Society, Starting With Your Kids


According to Ben Shapiro (editor-emeritus at Daily Wire), transgressive activists attempt to manipulate and pervert children in order to create sexual identities that undermine Western values.

Shapiro spoke at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas on Tuesday night. Shapiro focused his speech on countering leftists that use entertainment and education to encourage children to adopt sexualized identities.

This belief is deeply ingrained in American culture. This ideology is evident in transgender influencers Jazz Jennings and Dylan Mulvaney, who both use social media to their advantage.

Mulvaney and Jennings are now transwomen, supported by gender-affirming health care. Shapiro says that this process “needs not to be properly called sex denial healthcare.” These treatments include hormone and testosterone treatments, cutting off the breasts of a female, and inverting the penis to create a fake vagina.

“The transitioning of and killing of children is just one sign of a deeper, more fundamental evil in Western civilization,” Shapiro said, “This evil is the broad redefinition of Western identity around subjective homosexual feelings.”

Western morality has abandoned “identity as a symbiotic relationship between individuals or societies”. Shapiro says that parenting’s goal is to “civilize” your children. ”

The idea of being a person is no longer valid in Western morality. Shapiro said that who we are doesn’t depend on the institutions and roles we play.

Transgressivism sees both desire and behavior as immutable qualities, according to a conservative commentator. When they lose their purpose and freedom, people feel depressed and helpless.

Transgressivism refers to a movement that seeks the destruction of Western values, institutions, and norms. These corruptive influences can be seen as limiting or warping one’s true identity, which is in animalistic freedom and want.

Three factors are responsible for transgressivism. It has been fueled by three factors: scientific advances, declining religious practice, and easier birth control. There has been a shift to the belief that traditional values, traditions, and scientific advancements must be “tabula rasa”, which does not refer back to past customs.

“There is not a lot of question that transgressivism targets kids,” Shapiro said after quoting the lines of a San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus song. The song goes in part:

You think that we’ll corrupt your kids

If our agenda goes unchecked

Honey, just this once, you’re correct!

We’ll convert your children, happens bit by bit

Quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it…

We’ll convert your children, we’ll make them tolerant and fair…

We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.

Shapiro stated they had to target children as it is possible for a society to hate all institutions if they start with people who aren’t shaped or molded.

Shapiro stated, “Drag Queen Story Hour and Family Friendly Drag Shows are two of the most prominent manifestations. It’s transgressivism propaganda.

Transgression has led to an explosion in LGBTQ children in some parts of the United States. Shapiro said that it is possible to defeat the ideology and finally defeat it.

Walsh found out that Vanderbilt Medical Center was performing transgender surgery on children. Walsh organized an outside protest to press Tennessee State Capitol for legislation to ban such “gender-affirming” care for children.

Shapiro stated, “Conservatives must also fight transgresivism in our own lives.”

He said, “If not, we won’t only pay our country’s cost, but we’ll also have to pay for our families and children’s futures.” If we resist, the weight, wisdom, and reality of tradition are on our side. Transgressives will be crushed. ”