Top 9/11 Lawyer Says Don’t Trust the EPA


Michael Barasch is a leading lawyer on issues related to Sept. 11 attacks and has warned the public to not trust the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA insists that the air is safe.

Barasch was the one who led the effort to inform hundreds of thousands of people that they are entitled to compensation for health problems caused by inhaling poisonous dust from the World Trade Center. Barasch says that he still has clients who “are dying every day from the 9/11 toxic dust.”

Now, he is warning East Palestinians to “stay away” and not believe the EPA.

Barasch pointed out that the EPA also assured people in 2001 that the air was safe following the terrorist attacks on September 11. He said that 21 years ago, the government had at least one reason for wanting to reopen Wall Street.

Breitbart News said that they should have been more honest and told people, “Look, if your office is not downtown, you can stay home until the fires go out.” “And that’s exactly what they should have done.”

He said, “Otherwise, we’re going see in the next twenty years exactly what I’m seeing now — people getting sick and dying from post-9/11 toxic gas — but on a smaller scale.”

Barasch asks: “How can anyone with any type of assurance say that the air is safe?” Considering the toxic chemicals that have been burned into the air and contaminated local water sources.

He said, “They’ve lost credibility,” adding that the issues with EPA go beyond politics, because “it was the Bush EPA that declared the air safe to breathe 21 years ago [whereas] now it is the Biden EPA.”

There were also a few scandals at the Obama EPA, including the Gold King Mine Spill in Colorado that was caused by the EPA.

Barasch suggests that the EPA “should be independent of everybody — even though the president does appoint the administrator.”

“It should be something like the CDC that people really trust, and I’m afraid that I have lost confidence when they say things like ‘the air is safe,’” he added.

I don’t know who trusts the CDC anymore, but I believe the lesson is that no government agency should be trusted.