Biden Babbles Before the World in Ukraine and Weirdly Grabs Man’s Bicep


We reported that Joe Biden visited Ukraine unexpectedly to meet with President Volodymyr Zilensky. This was after he received a lot of criticism for handling a Chinese spy ball over the United States. It was surprising to Americans, but the Russians were already told.

Biden then tweeted that Ukraine had “captured part of my heart,” angering Americans who thought he didn’t care about Americans, even in times of crisis like Ohio and East Palestine. Americans believe he is more “captured” by what he (or his family) can get from Ukraine while our money is being flown out the window to Ukraine with no accountability as to where it’s going.

Biden also made some remarks in Kyiv, but it didn’t work out. Biden began talking about the “coalition” they had built. Biden was embarrassed by his inability to understand what he was talking about. He read from notes but failed to comprehend the meaning of his words.

“We built a coalition of nations from the Atlantic to the Pacific. NATO. To the, in the Atlantic. Japan in the Pacific. I mean, across the cou-across the world,” Biden said.

What is a coalition of countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Joe, this doesn’t include NATO and Japan. The thing between the Atlantic & the Pacific is the big country that’s supposed to be first in priority, but Joe Biden often ends up being last. He is more concerned about Ukraine, which has captured both his “heart” as well as our money. Japan is not part of NATO or any other confusion that was slipping through his mind.

It was enough to make Joe look confused in front of the entire world. It got worse when Joe Biden started to have a Joe Biden problem. We have seen him repeatedly sniffing little girls and women, touching babies, and touching people when he shouldn’t. As I mentioned, he is also obsessed with men’s biceps. He believes they are indicative of the man’s size. He’s said it before about Wes Moore, Maryland’s governor. And about a random Russian photographer he met at the G-2o.

Biden visited Zelensky in Ukraine and commented on Zelensky’s biceps. He even grabbed his right bicep. As they try to look away, you can see some of the embarrassed looks of some other Ukrainians.

Joe Biden, stop touching people Joe. It’s creepy. Maybe he was not so random. Biden may have a greater understanding of this guy’s biceps than he does. Although he cannot remember that the U.S. is a nation between the Atlantic & the Pacific, and not NATO, he can recall this guy’s biceps from the time Biden was there. Biden is so out of control that his people panic every minute about what he might do or say.

This is unfortunately the man who occupies the White House this President’s Day. This is not a comfortable feeling.