Tlaib Will Give a Far-Left State of the Union Rebuttal


The party in power generally has equal time to respond to the president’s hype of their record. Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, a radical left Working Families Party member, will attack her party’s refusal to accept the president’s “transformative” agenda and refuse to pass costly programs that would restrict liberty.

Tlaib will not necessarily criticize Joe Biden. We can expect the Sens to be critical. Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), and Kyrsten Sinema, (D.Ariz.) will both be called out by name to be shamed — as they did during Mao’s glory days.

Tlaib will likely criticize Sens. during her talk. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and Kyrsten Sinema, (D-Ariz.) were both opposed to parts of Biden’s “Build Back better” legislation. Josh Gottheimer (D.N.J.), a representative from a small group of centrist Democrats, might be another featured boogeyman. He threatened to kill the budget if the bipartisan infrastructure legislation was not passed.

Maurice Mitchell, national director for the Working Families Party, stated that Biden’s “agenda” is not complete. “We will be clear about who and why this agenda is incomplete. There are certain political actors, including Republicans. However, there is a small, niche group of obstructionist Democrats. We’ll name names.”

Tlaib will also demand that Biden invoke extra-constitutional authority in order to cancel student loans — all $2 trillion — and to change how poverty is calculated to allow more people to get on the welfare rolls.

Tlaib will, however, use the speech to demand the election of radical crazies like herself. The audience is likely to surpass CNN as it will be streamed live.

Tlaib, the radical left, and other Democrats don’t care as much about the midterms. They don’t care about maintaining a Democratic majority. They care only about adding more crazy members to their caucus.

If this is what the Left sees then Galston-Kamarck’s prediction of total disaster in the 2022 and 2024 elections in Technicolor will be realized. This election offers the progressive Left a chance to elect more Democratic minorities to both Congress chambers, and then to lose more ground in Senate 2024 as Democrats must defend more seats. This is the result of purity campaigns. These have a long history in both parties, but in which Democrats seem able to engage every 20-30 years in modern times: the mid-1940s over Communism; 1968 and 1988 over New Left; and now 2022.