Tim Robbins Joins Woody Harrelson in Denouncing COVID Restrictions


Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have grown tired of three years of COVID-19 restrictions being implemented by governments around the world. Woody Harrelson, actor, and comedian expressed frustration at the COVID protocols during a “Saturday Night Live” monologue. He also spoke out with the New York Times about his feelings. Now Tim Robbins, a fellow actor, has agreed.

Robbins (64) tweeted a piece about Harrelson’s opposition to continued restrictions on Thursday. He then added the message “Woody is right.” It’s time to stop this charade. Robbins also included Actors Equity and SAGAFTRA in his post. These unions represent many people in the entertainment industry.

Harrelson attacked Big Pharma in his SNL monologue on Saturday. He called Moderna and Pfizer “drug cartels” and said that they “buy up all media and all politicians and force everyone in the world to remain locked in their homes.” Harrelson also joked about the many vaccine boosters that Americans were encouraged to obtain. Harrelson’s jokes were met with mixed reactions from the audience. They received no applause or even a few mild laughs during his monologue.

In an interview with Variety and the New York Times, Harrelson stated that many Hollywood workers are still subject to mandatory vaccine and mask mandates, even though actors and actresses have regained a lot of their freedom.

Harrelson stated to the Times that he doesn’t believe anyone should be able to insist that they undergo the testing, wear the mask, and get vaccinated every three years. “It’s enough. Let’s get on with it. It’s unfair to the crews. I don’t need to wear a mask. They shouldn’t have to wear masks. They shouldn’t have to get vaccinated. Is it not up to each individual to decide? “I shouldn’t be speaking about this [expletive]

Harrelson spoke out about Big Pharma last autumn, telling Bill Maher that “the last people I trust with my health are Big Pharma and Big Government because neither of them strikes me as caring entities.”

Harrelson and Tim Robbins have now joined Harrelson to condemn the restrictions. Robbins has been vocal against these restrictions before. Robbins spoke out against the vaccine on Russell Brand’s podcast in December. He expressed regret at accepting the government’s story about COVID and the refusals of the vaccine.

Robbins explained to Brand that at first, if you were a Democrat and Trump was president, then you wouldn’t be able to get that vaccine. But, Trump’s vaccine changed, and that made it seem like something had changed. It was almost Orwellian. It was almost as if we were no longer at war against East Asia.

Robbins admitted that many people were unfairly vilified for their protests against mandates and fighting for freedom. Robbins stated that punishing people for their opinions was “a dangerous thing.” Robbins said, “That’s a dangerous world we’ve made. Because I was part of it, I am able to say “we” when I refer to them. That whole idea was something I got involved in early.

Robbins began his acting career more than 40 years ago. He has appeared in blockbuster films like “The Shawshank Redemption” or “Mystic River.” He was also nominated to win a Best Director Oscar for his film “Dead Man Walking,” which starred his ex-partner, Susan Sarandon.