The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad We Do


The United States is obsessed with whether transgender men can play the same sports as their biological counterparts.

Crime is spiking at levels not seen in 40 years. But some consider it racist to suggest that arrests, indictments, convictions, and incarcerations deter crime.

Major U.S. cities changed from being safe and clean to becoming toxic. We boast about our tolerance for medieval conditions.

Recruitment videos released by the Pentagon and CIA sound similar to programs for kindergarten diversity and equity, inclusion, and inclusion.

The military doesn’t want to be as specific about why the United States was inflicted with humiliation in Afghanistan or why it has not met half of its recruitment targets.

It is hard to believe that declining morale, poor strategy thinking, and anemic recruitment could be attributed to stereotyping middle-class white men and Soviet-style workshops, diversity, equality, and inclusion mind conditioning.

The Biden administration attacked America’s oil and energy industries within its first 18 months. According to Biden’s administration, radical cuts in fossil fuels will “transition” the world to a cleaner future.

Biden didn’t express concern over the economic impact on the Middle Class or the insufficient efforts made by India and China to reduce their emissions.

COVID saw American pop cultures collectively demonize any “superspreaders”, who failed to hide their social distancing during that period.

Federal employees or military personnel who were not fully vetted and did not receive the new COVID-19 vaccines were labeled super-spreaders. They were accused of being selfish and putting all Americans in danger.

There have not been any harsh judgments made about individuals’ behavior during the current monkeypox outbreak.

It is difficult to believe that social distancing and avoiding promiscuous areas of sex might help slow down this deadly epidemic, given the media’s loud and awake tone. 98% of infected people were homosexual or bisexual. Only 95 percent have been sexually transmitted. 41% of those infected had HIV and the median age at which they contracted it was 38.

Tabloids have a reputation for virtue signaling and cancel-culturing.

The woke movement may have jumped the shark when a family sued Sesame place in Philadelphia for $25,000,000. A young African American girl reached out for a hug, but one of the characters at the park ignored her.

The American middle class is getting increasingly poorer after a $3 trillion stock-market loss.

Their stocks plummeted despite Wall Street’s loud commitments to politically correct Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment. This new concept places green, racial, and Gender issues above profit and loss investment calculations, least for the declining middle class.

ESG can be a luxury in bull markets but can lead to the loss of millions of lives and property in bear markets.

The “anti-inflation budget bill” for the new year aims to increase federal spending in times of inflation and raise taxes during recessions.

In order to slow down price rises, interest rates must go up. This makes it more difficult to service the $30 trillion national government debt.

Russia and North Korea, China, and Iran are all enjoying this strange, waking, funny spectacle with great pleasure.

They are delighted that the United States diverts trillions and hours from production to ideological Witch Hunts and green virtue-signaling.

Woke in America is a term that refers to Americans who have less money, work, and time to improve military readiness. America will be a global leader because it will produce less competitive energy, more pseudoscience, and non-meritocratic advancements, as well as unsound investments.

Many analysts across the globe don’t believe that being awake is a prerequisite for more accurate missiles or more lethal infantrymen. They believe that more efficient industrial production will lead to better medicine, less energy, and a more cohesive population.

Our unwoken enemies want us to stay awake.

Why? Russia is home to more nuclear warheads and hypersonic weapons than any other country.

China will sink any American $12 billion aircraft carrier with its 5,000-strong crew including any that ventures into Taiwan.

China already supplies 90% of the world’s inputs for generic antibiotics and nearly all of our key vitamins.

Brazil and India don’t need more U.S. lectures on their needs for better elections and racial relations.

While we fight to preserve our past, foreign competitors plan for the future.

Statues tend to be more likely to remain up than they are taken down People borrow and spend what they can.

It’s strange that America has taught the world how work works, but then ridiculed its own mistakes.