After Nevada Democrat Is Arrested For Stabbing A Reporter, Another Reporter Blames Donald Trump


Matt Margolis, PJM’s PJM’s journalist, noted that Robert Telles, a Las Vegas Democratic official was arrested on Wednesday night under suspicion of murdering Jeff German, a Las Vegas Review-Journal correspondent. However, this shooting is not coming from the Left. Instead, it is coming from Donald Trump. Trump is seen as the source and summit for all evil in the world and is responsible for all actions, even those of us who hate and oppose him.

A reporter addressed Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo at a Thursday press conference about the murder. He said that it was not the right time to discuss politics. Lombardo asked Lombardo the obvious question: “So why do we talk politics now?” Unafraid, Lombardo continued with her political question and asked Lombardo if Telles’ violent actions were a result of “former president Trump’s normalization violence against journalists.”

Lombardo replied mildly, “No, I don’t think this is the right venue to speculate or opine about that.” What was the exact date that Trump allowed journalists to be subjected to violence? The Las Vegas sheriff would not have rushed to defend Trump. But the reporter’s question was more inappropriate because it was another example of one of the Left’s favorite Big Lies: That conservative speech amounts to violence or at the most constitutes incitement. Trump criticized the media establishment with great justification. However, the claim that Trump normalized violence against journalists and other speech is just hyperbole.

It is also absurd to think that Telles, a Democrat would be influenced at all by a man whom Telles’ party treats with contempt. Even though Trump has been away from the White House for more than a year and half, Democrats continue to tell us that Trump is corrupt, evil, dishonest, dishonest, and lacking any redeeming qualities. When he criticised far-Left journalists then, supposedly Robert Telles was driven to violence.

Perhaps it’s in Las Vegas’ water. Quintez Brown, a man whose real name was Quintez Brown, shot Craig Greenberg, the Louisville, Kentucky, mayoral candidate. Brown, a black activist, was interviewed by Joy Reid on MSNBC. He had agitated for gun controls and his $100,000 bail was paid out by Black Lives Matter. The Las Vegas Sun tried to hide all of this by referring to Brown as a “political activists” and adding that “While there has been no evidence yet that the activist had any ties to right-wing organisations, the shooting occurs amid an increase in threats against politicians fuelled by extremist Republicans’ increasingly violent rhetoric.”

After some backlash, the editorial was changed to read: “While it has been reported that the activist was involved with the Black Lives Matter movement and gun-safety movement, and there have been no indications yet that he had any ties to any right wing organizations, the shooting occurs amid an increase in threats against politicians fuelled by the increasingly violent rhetoric coming out of extremist Republicans.”

The Sun continued to report on the alleged flood of right-wing violence in America. “Trump is drawing cheers at rallies by suggesting violence to his opponents, GOP legislators and candidates trying to whip them into a frenzy talking about taking up arms against so called forms of ‘tyranny,’ such as mask mandates, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar posting animated videos showing him shooting Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez with a sword etc.”

There was no mention of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s severed head or Madonna saying that she wanted to blow up Washington, Robert DeNiro claiming he wanted Trump to punch in the face or Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Wassers and Kamala Harris inciting Leftist violence. None of this counts as incitement for Leftists, such as the reporter who interrogated Joseph Lombardo, or the editors at the Las Vegas Sun. The people speaking were righteous, and their targets were evil. They knew it was coming because they were willing to challenge the Leftist agenda, which is viewed as the ultimate embodiment of all that is right. If a Leftist activist fires at someone, it must also be the Right’s fault because everything is ultimately one.

It is not surprising that a reporter would accuse Trump of shooting a Democrat pol. The Left is at war with reality, and this incident was a minor one. It must be exhausting to be a Leftist.