The View Co-Host Says ‘Women Voting Republican Are Almost Like Roaches Voting for Raid’


Sunny Hostin, The View’s host, has lost all sense of sanity regarding the upcoming midterm elections and is trying to find new, more outrageous, more terror-stricken ways for us to vote Republican.

Amazingly, we have probably not reached peak insanity yet. We’ll be certain that we won’t fall further down the rabbit hole if some MSNBC commentator with brains urges Joe Biden to nuke the Midwest and South.

Hostin’s sincere, earnest, and bat-guano-crazy description of women who vote Republican is close to the best. Alyssa Farah Griff got in on the conversation with Hostin after the host described women voting Republican as “roaches voting to Raid.”

Fox News:

Hostin was frustrated by the idea that suburban women would vote for Republican candidates in the midterms, rather than pro-abortion and progressive Democrats. She launched into a tirade comparing women with cockroaches, and the Republican Party to an insecticide that kills them.

She stated, “What’s even more surprising to me is that there’s an abortion issue.” “Just yesterday, I saw a poll that showed White Republican suburban women were now likely to vote Republican.” “It’s almost as if roaches are voting for Raid.”

Hostin’s complaint is not only familiar but Hostin also accuses about 30 million women that they are like roaches. Why is it that so many middle-class women don’t “vote for their interests” and vote for Democrats over Republicans?

The left doesn’t get voters. People have more interest than economics. Women have greater interests than abortion. Although it seems absurd and stupid to say otherwise, 55% of white middle-class voters vote Republican. Democrats will not understand why.

Hostin pushed the idea and said, “They are voting against their self-interest.” Are they willing to live in Gilead?” Hostin was referring to the dystopian novel and TV series, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which depicts a world where women are forced into conceiving for patriarchal rulers.

Many conservatives found the quote to be outrageous on Twitter, with one group calling for Hostin’s firing from “The View.”

Leftist women claim that abortions are the only way for women to die. It is not clear what exactly they will die from. The U.S. has a disturbingly high maternal mortality rate of 13.7 deaths per 100,000 live-born babies or 860 deaths in 2020. It is not as safe as you would like it to be. Abortion is also not recommended.

However, medically terminating a pregnant woman to save her life is still legal in many states that have outlawed abortion. Abortion as a method of birth control or as convenience is not allowed. Women can defend this right if they wish.