The U.S. Government’s Inability to Combat the Fentanyl Crisis Outlined in Damning Report


The fentanyl crisis in America is the worst in history. This gap was filled by fentanyl, according to a detailed report.

Daily reports about fentanyl-related death are being issued across the country. More Americans are being affected as Mexican drug cartels flood the streets near the border with the drug and make their way up the other side.

The Washington Post has a detailed report outlining the failures of the U.S. government to address this crisis. While the Post insists that Trump’s obsession with building a wall didn’t help, that’s not the only concern.

The fentanyl crisis started under Barack Obama, and it has continued under Donald Trump. This is happening in Joe Biden. But, it is not Trump’s fault. It is the result of bureaucratic chaos and slow-walking administratively. There is also a problem in the Washington swamp. It is a problem when all power is concentrated in a single place. This is exactly what is happening.

The Deadliest Drug Crisis in American History

According to The Post, “Presidents from both parties failed in their duty to act against one of the greatest threats to the nation’s security, one that claims more lives per day than suicides or car accidents.” “Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans 18-49. ”

In a time where opioids were the primary focus of the U.S. government any attempts to investigate Fentanyl’s looming crisis were thwarted by bureaucratic nightmares.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials “made a number of mistakes” in trying to win the war and “were slower to respond” to the Mexican cartels’ takeover of Chinese producers.

Fentanyl production can be done in a much simpler way than with opioids. It’s easy to synthesize, so it is much easier than opioid production.

This problem is for DHS (Department of Homeland Security) because it has not been in a position to detect and inspect drugs that have entered the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for detecting illegal drugs at our borders. However, it has not increased scanning and inspection technology at official crossings. Instead, $11 million was used to build a wall that does not stop fentanyl dealers.

David King is the executive director of a federal task force to combat drug abuse in San Diego. Washington has been slow and we now find ourselves at the confluence.

Washington D.C.’s inability to lead and take action was a serious problem. The crisis was handled by local law enforcement, but federal detection and prevention systems didn’t work properly.

Anne Milgram, DEA Administrator acknowledged that the government was too focused on heroin when the crisis started. Mexican drug traffickers increased the production of synthetic opioids.

She said, “It is a new, deeper, and more deadly threat than ever, and I don’t think we saw the whole extent of it in 2015. ”

It is also difficult to get current data on drug overdoses and deaths. They only have data for one year.

“Tracking an Epidemic Through Visiting Cemeteries”

The core problem is that the government has been slow in responding, slow in combating it, and slow to show us how serious it really is.

This is an enormous problem in the fight against opioid addiction. Barack Obama made the U.S. Drug Czar post-cabinet and treated fentanyl as an additive rather than as its sole classification.

Donald Trump’s focus was on illegal immigration and his wall. Joe Biden has opened the floodgates at the border, increasing the likelihood that more fentanyl could flow into the country.

This makes it difficult for local law enforcement and is proving to prove to be a losing battle. The country’s ex-drug czar said this best:

John P. Walters was the drug czar during the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations. While it is embarrassing, to say the least, it doesn’t offer any solutions.

Amazingly, despite Trump’s emphasis on immigration, they were more concerned with China as the main source of fentanyl import. This was despite Trump’s emphasis on the opioid crisis after the collapse of the U.S. opioid trading. The federal government couldn’t have foreseen the fentanyl epidemic that would follow.

The Entire System Failed

It is clear from the Post article that there are numerous systemic failures in this field. Government agencies as well as agencies have struggled to keep pace with the crisis.

You can see an increase in support for outsiders (like Trump), in 2016. Voters searched for alternatives because insiders had failed repeatedly to fulfill their duties.

There is a crisis… but there are many crises. The country is in chaos with a weak central administration and ineffective central governance. They are so wrapped up in partisan and bureaucratic turf battles that they can’t see a solution. The Biden administration refuses acknowledgment that the border is a problem and that we are directly affected by many Mexican problems.