Former Navy SEAL De-Transitions, Says He Ruined His Life With Help From Manipulators


Chris Beck, a retired Senior Chief from the Navy SEAL Teams in 2011. After serving 20 years in the Navy and ending up with DEVGRU, also known as SEAL Team 6, he retired from the Navy SEAL Teams in 2011. Beck began wearing dresses in 2013. Beck said that it was his first step in becoming a woman. Beck underwent gender reassignment surgery after wearing dresses and taking hormone blockers.

Anderson Cooper, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, interviewed Beck (at the time Beck was a “she”) regarding joining the alphabet soup team. Beck claimed that his SEAL colleagues “never knew” who Chris Beck was.

Beck wrote Warrior Princess, a book that chronicles his “transgender journey”. Anne Speckhard was his co-author. They met at a conference on “counter-terrorism.” They later met at a gay bar for a discussion about their coping strategies. Beck arrived at the bar in a gown. Speckhard offered to co-author a book about his “true” life. Warrior Princess was the end result.

William Shepard (a former SEAL and NASA astronaut) wrote Beck’s forward in his book. Shepard, I think, never saw combat. Other less-than-stellar quotes are available from other people, but none of them are listed in the articles I have read. Not surprisingly, none of these quotes were “You go girl!” quotes.

I remember reading something about Beck and seeing a picture of him next to a pile of wood. Although he was dressed in a feminine outfit, he was clearly a man.

Beck was a total sham to the left. Beck is a hero! This was a guy, now a woman, who was a SEAL.

According to Beck’s book, there are quotes by “teammates”. Although I will not buy his book to verify if they are anonymous, I did 2nd-hand research and could not find any name attached to praise from a DEVGRU man. This is likely because they won’t praise Beck’s transition and these guys want to remain anonymous.

Now, Beck is the artist formerly known as Prince. Beck, who was formerly Chris, Kristen, and is currently back to Chris. Beck is reverting to being a man. How can we tell that this is a “thing?” Google “Chris Beck”.

Instead of being buried in a sea of information about “misgendering”, we have the Wikipedia link to Chris Beck. His pronouns have been reverted to him and he. Cool. Beck is officially a dude… again.

Beck now claims that Anderson Cooper’s CNN interview was propaganda and that Beck was forced to write Warrior Princess. That I am certain of.

Beck continues to state:

He shared that there are many gender clinics across America. “As soon [kids] come in and say, ‘I’m a tomboy, or this makes me feel secure, then a psychologist will tell them, ‘Oh, you’re transgender. They then put you on hormones, the same hormones that they use for the medical castration of pedophiles. He explained that they now give this to healthy 13-year-olds.”

Beck is again correct.

He admitted that he had ruined his entire life. He won’t speak about the fact his plumbing is missing forever and it’s not coming. Instead, he speaks about how he was tricked into changing.

I asked my son about Beck. My son was a SEAL, augmented with DEVGRU, but he had never heard of Beck. According to some reports, Beck is a “blight” within the SEAL community. He may also suffer from PTSD. My son believes Beck was tricked into transforming by bad actors. He said that Beck was a “loon”, who believes in bizarre conspiracy stuff such as Area 51 aliens and 15-foot modern-day giants.

Below is a clip taken from Joe Rogan’s podcast with Beck.

Rogan tells his staff to search for a “Japanese parade giant” and he claims there are “15-16-foot giants”. It is difficult to see the exchange between them and Rogan.

Beck claims that the clip is evidence of “giants’ starts. It does not clearly show a 15-foot “real” giant. It is more like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

Rogan: “Watch him stand…that’s not real.”

Beck: “That’s weird.”

Rogan: “Yeah…it looks like horse****”

Yup. A 15-foot pile of horseshit. As if “men can be females”-type horse poo.

Beck doesn’t care what he does with his life. He needs help to transition to sanity.