The Supreme Court Just Did Exactly What Joe Biden Voted for in 1982


Old Joe Biden wants you to know one thing about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs-v. Jackson decision. He calls it “extreme seven times.” This is consistent with Democrats’ strategy of painting all opponents to their radical far-Left agenda, as violent racist rednecks who present an imminent threat to “our democracy,” which they refer to as “Leftist Hegemony.”

But is this really the extreme? The Supreme Court’s Friday action was exactly what Senator Joe Biden voted for in 1982: to overturn Roe and give the states the power to legalize or ban abortion. Which side is really pushing the envelope?

Biden, a serial liar, and swindler began Friday with another outrageous lie: “Today — it’s certainly not hyperbole that suggests a very solemn time. The Supreme Court of the United States took away an American constitutional right that it had recognized. They did not limit it. They took it away. It’s a right that is so vital to many Americans. They did it. It’s a sad moment for the Court, and for the nation.” In reality, no right was removed, since the states can still keep abortion legal. The Constitution does not mention abortion as a constitutional right, and it doesn’t guarantee that you have one. Roe v. Wade, a flawed and poorly thought-out interpretation of the Constitution, was one reason it was eventually overturned.

Biden stated that Roe v. Wade was “the correct decision as an issue of constitutional law,” which is an application of the fundamental rights to privacy and liberty, including in matters of family and individual autonomy. But this wasn’t always the case. Biden stated that Roe was “too far” in 1973 when it was first decided.

This reasoning was sufficient to get Biden to vote in 1982 in the Senate Judiciary Committee for a Constitutional Amendment that would have allowed individual states, in addition to Roe v. Wade to be rejected, to outlaw abortion. Biden, who was criticized by his far-Left peers, said, “I’m probably the victim, or products, however, you want it to be phrased,” that this vote was “the most difficult I’ve ever cast as a U.S senator.”

He was a shrewd opportunist who voted against the bill in the next year. On Friday, he was eager to call the idea of giving states the authority to decide the legality and validity of abortion “extreme.”

“Make no mistake,” Old Joe stated in a sarcastic tone. “This decision is the culmination of a deliberate effort over many decades to disturb the balance of the law. He said that it was a realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic mistake by the Supreme Court. It is so extreme that girls and women are forced to bear the child of their rapists. It is a — it just — it simply stuns. Doctors will be punished for their care.” He said it was so extreme that “extremist governors or state legislators are trying to block mail, search a person’s medicine cabinet, or control a woman’s actions by tracking her data on her apps.”

Nancy Pelosi (D-Ketel One), stated in May that she wanted the Republican Party to “take back the party,” and “take it back to where it was when you cared about women’s rights to choose.” However, Biden’s 1982 stance, compared to his Friday hysteria about a “constitutional” right to kill children, shows which party has truly moved to the “extreme.”