The Left Is Awakening a Sleeping Giant


Conservatives are held to higher standards and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are not a party to wholesale riots like liberals. “But what about Jan. 6?!?! ?”

If you believe that 300,000. Americans, many of whom are well over 50, arrived in America without guns, I would like to offer you a unicorn that can make silver dollars.

Jan. 6 was an act of protest against what many believed was a stolen election. Patriots of all races and ages came to hear Trump speak. After Trump spoke, the crowd marched to the Capitol in peace. There was some rioting. However, if 300,000.00 people turned up, and only a few were arrested, then that would be “mostly peaceful” as opposed to CNN’s definition. They would have taken the Capitol if they wanted. This was not the plan.

Two years was spent by the left locking American citizens in blue state prisons. They deceived us about the dangers of COVID-19. They forced us into wearing ineffective masks at the grocery store and to adhere to stickers to our faces to save our lives. COVID was too dangerous to allow us to see our parents dying in hospital. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo murdered approximately 12,000 seniors and never paid the penalty. Govs. Govs.

They wanted to send Kyle Rittenhouse (17 years old) to prison to defend himself against violent, rioting antifascists from BLM/Antifa.

Far-left Marxists attempted to protect a transgender Rapist who anally raped young girls in their school’s ladies’ room in Loudoun County. Leftist “academics” are creating books that attempt to normalize pedophilia. One Lefty “intellectual”, however, argued that it is okay to have sex as young as one year old. They want to recruit children as young as PreK into transgenderism.

Listen as this “mama bear”, an angry woman, read pedo-porn out of a book she found in her high school library.

Lefty kooks enable male rapists “identify” themselves as females and sent them to women’s prisons where one miscreant raped an developmentally disabled woman for a whole week.

Left-leaning teachers think it’s crazy that they can’t teach transgenderism to children who believe in the Easter Bunny. Some teachers are even quitting teaching.