Illinois Student Who Questioned Stelter On Disinformation Speaks Out


Brian Stelter was asked a question by a college student from Illinois during a forum. The student then asked Tucker Carlson (Fox News’ Tucker Carlson) about the viral back and forth.

Christopher Phillips, a University of Chicago student, had previously asked the pundit questions regarding his seemingly long criticism of Fox News. He claimed that CNN had misinformed about Nicholas Sandmann (both “Mighty Ducks”, and “Empire”) and the Trump-Russia probe.

Stelter dismissed Phillips, who once mentioned a “right-wing narrative”.

Phillips, a student journalist working for the school’s publications said that “the only way I have done it is to seek out truth and ask questions in order to discover the truth.”

He recounted how he came to the disinformation-themed forum and encountered several “legacy media employees” who he said have spent their entire careers spreading what they are accusing other outlets and politicians of spreading.

“Brian Stelter talks for 30 minutes about Fox News’s role as a major disinformation provider. They are the enemy. Then, I rise up and say “Wait! That’s it. Phillips said that CNN, from what I have seen, is 10 times as disinformation-producing than you claim Fox News to.

“And you know what?” “And you know what? He didn’t have a great solution.

Phillips said that he did not think Stelter would reply by admitting that CNN was “corrupt”. Phillips expected to find a middle ground, such as an admission that CNN had retract stories from the past that were flawed.

Phillips said, “But there was no apology.” Phillips stated that there was no remorse. I just don’t know what news network you’re referring to. He said the exact same thing on CNN, so it’s not mine. It’s all documented.

Stelter nervously said, “It’s lunchtime!