The Guaranteed Damage A Movement Can Cause


In April 1942, a couple from Midwestern gave birth to a boy. The family was very poor and life was, to say the least very hard for them.

The baby boy was the second in the family. The mother was disappointed. Her first child was her favorite and she gave all her affection to him and he was also given the few perks that the family could afford. The mother wanted a girl no matter what it took.

She forced her second son to wear dresses, called him she/her, and if he balked at being a girl, she would punish and harass him until he yielded and pretended to be a girl, if for no other reason than to escape the misery.

He was raised, played high school football, and worked multiple jobs before getting married. To escape Vietnam, he joined the Army Reserves to be a medic. He didn’t know who he was, and he struggled to understand it all. He felt like a man on the one hand. He felt like a woman on the other. He would suffer the effects of years of abuse and forced gender swapping until the end.

He would keep changing jobs throughout his adulthood. He was never able to stay at one job for too long, and in some cases, he was fired because of his inappropriate behavior. He did what he could at home, even though he didn’t do it on the job. His son was told by him that close friends would want to touch and kiss each other’s genitals. His son was told by him that it was normal for friends and family men to have sexual relations with each other. He would then turn around and throw a baseball or a football with his son. Or take his son to the range to give him fatherly advice. He would then give his son books stuffed with photos of women in scanty clothes and ensure that Playboy was not left behind. He would then act indignation at his son’s eyes and give stern moral lectures in the style of Jonathan Edwards.

He would make his son fall to the ground and dry hump him until he was satisfied. His son was forced to pose naked for him by him, who thought he was a photographer. He claimed that the film was not in his camera and that he was just testing out a new lens. The son found child pornography in the back seat of his father’s station wagon several years later. The son realized that the film was in the camera and that his father wasn’t trying out a new lens. The son doesn’t know where the photos ended up to this day. This material is often traded among pedophiles, and the son knows that somebody has those images.

The wife of the man was a passionate feminist. This was a relatively new concept in the 1970s. The man laughed incessantly at his wife’s anti-male comments to win her respect. She loved entertaining people by sharing stories about her nights with male strippers. The man laughed at the stories.

The man’s son grew up and was approached by men wanting to sculpt or paint him nude. He laughed at these stories and decided it was a great idea, as he was trying to win favor with the gay community of the time. He also revealed his homosexuality to his son and wife, despite having affairs with women. This man’s life was so turbulent that his wife told her son that she wished that she hadn’t gotten married and had not given birth. She was so annoyed by all the drama.

Somebody, somewhere, is going to claim that this work is fiction, a conservative, feverish fantasy. It isn’t, I can assure you.

He was my father. He died the same way he lived. He was angry, confused, and a failure at everything he tried, which was very little. My grandmother tried to change my father’s gender, and it had devastating effects on him as well as her grandson. My father didn’t know who he was and what he was supposed to be. He acted out of this confusion. One moment he was an all-American father, and the next he was the polar opposite. I was not inspired by his choices. I saw firsthand how they can ruin lives and I knew I couldn’t follow his lead.

My entire life I have known gay people. While there were some who tried to exploit me as a minor, the majority of them wouldn’t have thought of it and were staunch protectors of children’s safety. Although I have met transgender people, it can be argued that it is impossible to tell who is trans legitimately and who is just following the current trend. To be honest, I don’t care what an adult does with their lives. As it stands today, there is enough tension.

People who condemn “conversion therapy” to make homosexual people straight appear to have no problem trying to make all children transgender. Not all children are gay. Transsexuality is not a universal trait. Every child does not need to add an alphabet to their name. No child should be sexualized. Parents, protesters, media, and other groups that want to make their children gay or transsexual in order to be at the forefront of culture don’t know what they might do. These things might no longer be fashionable one day. However, by that time, hormone blockers, propaganda, surgeries, and other methods will have failed their purpose and the damage will be done. This damage could go beyond the initial victims.

As the number of shootings continues to rise, it occurs to me that people need to talk about Second Amendment rights and Second Amendment responsibilities. This is also true. The LGBTQ community should be able to oppose people who use this agenda to satisfy illicit desires. Brice Williams, also known as Anastasia Diamond and a drag performer, is a community organizer for LGBTQ+ youth. He currently faces 25 charges of child pornography possession in central Pennsylvania.

This interview is with Tayler Hansen. He was at the Dallas drag brunch when a child said he wasn’t gay. His mother then replied, “No, he’s gay.” Do not let him lie to your face. (Fast forward until 21:00).

Consider this post from a local group that I once belonged to:

“This was my son ***** in ****. Keep a look out parents. My 7-year-old and his friend were playing in our cul-de-sac. At 4:38 when a grey-haired man approached them. He said ‘what are you little girls doing?’ they said we are boys and the man laughed and said are you sure. They both felt very uncomfortable and ran inside. The man drove off. Has anyone else had a strange experience like this with an older man in a white SUV? I wanted to share so others could be on the lookout as well.”

You may not believe it, but gay, lesbian, and trans men and women are out there. These people must speak out against Brice Williams and other neighborhood creepers.

Allow a child to be a child as long as possible. Play with toys like trucks, Barbies, tea sets, and lightsabers as long as they can. They will soon discover if they are transgender or gay. Do not try to change them if they are straight. Let them be children first. They will soon be able to see the world. Do not try to hurry that moment for yourself or your ego. The world doesn’t need more stories like mine.