Gavin Newsom Went to D.C. and You’ll Never Guess Why — Well, Maybe You Will


California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, went to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, to attend the National Forum on Education Policy. He also received the Frank Newman Award in State Innovation. That’s right. The leftist governor, who prevented six million California children from attending school in person, forced them to wear masks for more than two years, and also manages some of the nation’s most academically poor schools, received an award for education innovation for the once golden state. You didn’t know that one was coming.

Newsom deserves an award if he or she is responsible for generational trauma and mental health problems. Don’t worry, just like Hollywood awards shows don’t really focus on the acting, Washington, D.C.’s leftists know that these awards aren’t about innovation or excellence for kids sake. These awards are about them, their leftist oppressors.

In fact, Newsom was actually at the White House to meet Biden Administration officials as well as congressional leaders in an orchestrated effort to juxtapose him with Joe Biden’s old decrepit King. You don’t have to believe me. You can see how he walks into the White House without a jacket, wearing only his shirt-sleeves and smiling with a cool peace-sign greeting.

While at the Education Forum, Newsom wasted no time going after those horrible-no-good-terrible free red states like Florida — you know, the red state where he just wasted spent $105,000 on a campaign-like advertisement trying to entice Floridians to abandon freedom for the gulags of the once-Golden State. This is the same red state that didn’t lock its students out of their schools for more than two years, and it did just fine. It is also the same state that thinks our children shouldn’t be exposed to leftist programming like CRT, DEI and SEL in schools.

Even Florida Gov. Even Florida Gov.

According to The Hill: “Newsom also criticised Texas for cutting hundreds million dollars in mental healthcare funding after Texas Governor.” Greg Abbott spent more than $200 million on the state’s Health and Human Services Commission which oversees Texas’s mental services. This money was used to secure the southern border.

This is Newsom and the left: Create the problem, then use government to “fix” it. Leftists realize that “all things Education” is not about teaching children anymore. It’s about taking over parenting and providing everything, from pre-K to meals to mental healthcare to age-appropriate sexual advice to gender affirming clothing to vaccinations.