The First Texas Bus Full of Migrants Arrives in NYC


The first busload of illegal migrants from Texas has been dropped off in New York City.

On Friday, approximately 50 migrants arrived at the New York City Port Authority. They were welcomed by volunteers and non-governmental charity workers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent the bus full of illegal immigrants. Greg Abbott, who has been bringing illegal immigrants to Texas by shipping them across the border to liberal cities, is calling attention to the problem of illegal immigration in his state.

Abbott stated that President Biden has refused to recognize the crisis created by his open-border policies. “The State of Texas must take unprecedented measures to protect our communities because of this,” said Abbott.

Texas continues its campaign for federal attention, as more illegal immigrants arrive in Washington from Texas via bus.

“In addition, Washington, D.C., New York City can be a great destination for migrants, as they will have access to the many city services and housing options that Mayor Eric Adams boasts about in the sanctuary city. I hope that he keeps his promise to welcome all migrants with open arms so that overcrowded and overwhelmed border towns can find relief.

Late Tuesday night, the latest busload of Texas migrants arrived in Washington. Texas claims they have sent at least 5,100 migrants into the capital.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, a champion of accepting illegal migrants into the country as a human rights issue, asked for the District of Columbia National Guard to be activated indefinitely to help with the “humanitarian crises.”

Bowser and Eric Adams, the New York City Mayor, have raised alarm about the arrival of migrants in their cities. The city leaders blame Arizona and Texas for this influx. (Arizona denies sending migrants to New York City).

Abbott has invited the mayors to visit the border, but Adams declined.